Taissa Farmiga, Gabourey Sidibe, Lily Rabe, and Emma Roberts as Zoe, Queenie, Misty, and Madison in the Season Finale of "American Horror Story: Coven." Photo Credit: FX

American Horror Story: Coven Season Finale Recap ‘The Seven Wonders’

As I have said many times before, tonight, everything that we have been building towards the entire season is about to come to a boiling head. By the end of this episode, we will know who the next Supreme is. Anyone have a guess? While you think it over, let’s take a look at the epic Season Finale of American Horror Story: Coven entitled “The Seven Wonders.”

The episode opened in quite excellent form. We see Stevie Nicks back in the house. She is singing Fleetwood Mac’s song “Seven Wonders.” I don’t think they could have possibly picked a more appropriate song for the opening of the show. As she sings, we see each of the witches preparing for the Seven Wonders. These are no simple task, and if you fail, you pay with your life.

The Last Supper

All of the witches have gathered for their final meal together before the Seven Wonders. Myrtle speaks of the last supper and how that is representative of the situation they are faced with right now. This may very well be their last moment of freedom before the task of leading the Coven is bestowed upon them.

Cordelia says that one of the tasks of the Supreme is to name their successor, which is unfortunately something that Fiona failed to do. They are about to embark on something that has never been done before. Rather than have a selected witch perform the Seven Wonders, the entire Coven will be tasked with the trials.

Cordelia raises a toast to the girls. She tells them that childhood is over for them. It is time for them to put their childish things behind them, including their childhood fears.

The Start of the Seven Wonders – Telekinesis

Myrtle says that usually they start with the easiest of the tasks and work towards the more difficult ones; however, as they are not doing anything traditionally this time, they will start with her favorite; telekinesis.

Misty is up first. At first she hesitates, unsure if she will be able to complete the task. She asks what will happen if she can’t do it. Cordelia says that she will not be the next Supreme. Misty centers herself. She quietly concentrates and the candle comes right for her hand.

She excitedly blows out the candle. Madison seems to be a little pissy. Then again, what’s new? She quips that it almost sounds like she wants to be Supreme. Cordelia cuts her off and says that this has nothing to do with want; you either are the Supreme or you’re not.

Next up is Queenie. With almost no hesitation whatsoever, the candle flies into her hand. Madison does it just as quickly. Finally, we have Zoe. The candle flies into her hand with almost no hesitation. I think it is safe to say that they all passed the first test.

Next Task – Concilium

The next task that the witches must perform is called Concilium. This is the ability to control another’s mind. The girls are put into pairs for this test. First up are Misty and Queenie.

Queenie is certain that no one could possibly control her mind. Unfortunately for her, she was quite wrong. Misty forces Queenie to slap herself. She apologizes, but for some reason keeps making her do it.

Now it is Queenie’s turn. Misty tells her that she didn’t want to make her do those things. All of a sudden, Misty is screaming as she is pulling her own hair. Things are definitely getting catty around here. Unfortunately, this is not the worst of it.

Now it is on Madison and Zoe. Madison takes the reigns first.

Kyle is standing across the room serving drinks. Madison makes him drop the tray. Zoe tells her that he is not a part of this. Unfortunately, he is now. Then, Madison makes Zoe slap herself. He walks over to Madison and begins to make out with her. Madison looks over to her as if to rub every second of this into her face. Then she takes things a step further and makes him lick her foot.

It seems like Madison got under her skin. For someone who didn’t want Kyle to be a part of this, she uses him in much the same way. As Kyle and Zoe are making out, Madison makes Kyle begin to choke Zoe. Cordelia breaks it up by sending Kyle flying across the room.

On To Descensum

The next task they must complete is Descensum. This is the ability to travel between this life and the afterlife, returning in one piece.

All together, the girls say the incantation. They all travel into their own personal hells.

When Queenie wakes up, she is right back in the chicken joint with the never ending line. Needless to say, as she has made this trip before, she is the first one to awaken.

Next to awaken is Madison. She is in an all-out panic. Madison tells everyone that she was trapped in a network musical; the Sound of Music. She was appalled because she wasn’t even the lead.

Zoe is the next to awaken. She is on the verge of tears. She tells them that she and Kyle were breaking up over and over again. She cries as she tells them that he kept telling her that he didn’t love her.

The only one left is Misty Day.

We are then transported into her after. We find her in a never ending Biology class. The class is being forced to dissect frogs. As you know, Misty is rather connected to nature, and has no intention of harming any living thing. Each time that she brings the frog back to life, the child at the table with her screams for the teacher, telling him that she is doing it again. The teacher tells her that if she won’t dissect a dead frog, then she will dissect a live one. He takes her hand and forces her to kill it. She cries in pain.

The same scene repeats itself over and over again in her mind. The children all mock her and call her a freak.

Back in the real world, Misty’s time is running out. All of the sand is almost out of the hourglass. Cordelia is on the ground holding Misty in her arms. She says that they have to do something to help her. Myrtle says that there is nothing that they can do, and that she has to get out of this on her own.

Before anyone even knows what happened, the time expires and Misty’s body suddenly dissolves into sand. She will be trapped in her own hell forever.

Later on, Cordelia stops to honor Misty. Of course, ever the coldhearted one, Madison just wants to get on with it.  Queenie calls her out, but finally they agree that they need to move on.

The Next Task – Transmutation

I think it is safe to say that none of the girls have an issue with this task. Before anyone even knows what happened, the task erupted into a game of tag. The girls chased each other all over the house. As things progressed, they even ended up outside. Cordelia told them to stop, that this was not a game.

The girls protested and told her to let them have a little fun for once. As the old saying goes, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened.

When we pan out, we see impaled on the iron bar of the fence.

They take her body into the greenhouse and lay her out on the table just like they did when Madison had her unfortunate “accident.”

Queenie attempts to breathe life back into her just as she did for Misty in the cemetery, but it was just not working. When they realize that she was not coming back, Cordelia tells Queenie to take Kyle inside the house.

Cordelia tells Madison to bring her back to life. Of course, Madison refuses. Cordelia asks her if she thinks that she can do it. Madison tells her that she knows she can. In fact, to prove her point, she swats a fly right out of the air and holds it in her hands, just to bring it back to life.

She pretty much demands that they crown her as the new Supreme immediately. Myrtle tells her that if she refuses then she doesn’t deserve to be Supreme. Madison says that this has nothing to do with deserving. She says that she understands totally why Fiona left. She says that she is giving serious thought to doing the exact same thing. It is almost scary the way that Madison reminds me of a young Fiona.

Madison says that Zoe tried and failed, and that is not her fault.

Second Thoughts

Cordelia and Myrtle sit and talk over the situation. Cordelia says that she can feel the eyes of all the previous Supremes on her. She says that she has failed, and has allowed the Coven to fall into ruin. She says that maybe they deserve to die out. Is it possible that none of them will complete the task?

Myrtle says that she has had similar dark thoughts. She said that she was so sure about Misty Day. For that matter Zoe; Myrtle said that she had the makings of a fine leader.

Down in the greenhouse, Kyle is holding Zoe’s hand and crying. He asked her why she left him. He said that she promised that she would never leave him.

Myrtle tells Cordelia that Fiona was never right about her. She says that she was a fool to not have seen it earlier. Myrtle tells her that she was suppressed by her own mother, and then by her own theories. Myrtle tells her that she must perform the Seven Wonders. Cordelia asks her if she really thinks that she could be the next Supreme. She says that she would stake her life on it.

The Next Task – Pyrokinesis

Now that she has a newfound confidence, Cordelia is joining the task. Madison says that the only reason they are “trumping up” the competition is so that she will hurry up and finish the Seven Wonders and get this thing over with.

Madison says that she is not stupid. Without missing a beat, Queenie says “Yes you are.”

Cordelia performs the pyrokinesis with next to no issue. Quickly, and with little issue, she performs all of the Wonders that the girls have already completed in order to catch up with them. She even lifts the piano in order to complete the telekinesis task.

When she ventures into the other realm, she tells them that she has trapped in an encounter with her mother. She said that it was not much different than living with her in the real world.

Up Next – Divination

Anyone who has seen the Harry Potter films are familiar with the term divination. This is the art of seeing into the future. Myrtle has hidden items from the former Supremes throughout the house. Their task is to use the stones to locate the item and then identify it.

Cordelia finds the item straight away. Queenie goes to the place where Cordelia pointed out and retrieved the broach. Even without her sight, it took next to no time for her to identify it.

Next up is Madison. Myrtle tells her what it is that she is looking for. Madison absolutely refuses to complete this task. She says that it is stupid. She tells everyone that she has enough powers to send this place crumbling to the ground yet they want her to complete this stupid task in order to prove that she is the next Supreme. They tell her that if she doesn’t complete the task that she fails the Seven Wonders and cannot be considered for Supreme.

She haphazardly guesses that the item is in the vase above the fireplace. When Queenie goes to check, she realizes that there is nothing there. She says that she meant the piano. She says that the item is in the “stupid thing.” Queenie tells her that it isn’t there either.

Madison throws an absolute fit. She tells them that she is leaving and going back to Hollywood. She tells them that she is going to tell TMZ everything, and those torches, pitchforks, and Molotov cocktails will become a real part of their day.

When Madison gets back to her room, Kyle is there waiting for her. I think it is safe to say that he is not particularly happy with the decision that she made. She asks him why she allowed Zoe to die.

He throws her on the bed. She tells him that she did it for them and that she loves him. He looks her in the eyes and tells her that she is not that good of an actress. He proceeds to choke the life out of her.

At the same time, Cordelia is downstairs in the greenhouse performing the Seventh and final wonder, Vitalum Vitalis; the art of bringing one back to life.

Just as the last little bit of life bleeds out of Madison’s body, Zoe reawakens.

As Kyle looks down on Madison’s dead body, we see a doll hand begin to stroke Madison’s hair. Suddenly, we see Spalding standing over her. He says that she already started packing; this will help when they go to bury the body. Ironically, Kyle asks Spalding who he is. He simply answers the help.

The New Supreme Rises

Having completed all Seven Wonders, Cordelia found herself completely restored. There is absolutely no evidence that Cordelia ever suffered her accident. Myrtle tells them to behold the one true Supreme.

When next we see Cordelia, she is sitting down in the living room with an interviewer and a camera crew. They are discussing the sudden coming out of the Coven. When the interviewer refers to the Coven as a cult, she is quick to shut him down. She tells him that they are not a cult. They do not have a cause or a mission and they are not recruiting.

She tells them that people who identify as a witch are born this way. Being a witch is not a choice. The interviewer mentions the possibility of hate crimes. Cordelia says that unfortunately, they will always be the victims of ignorance, but it is what it is.

Before they know it, there are tons of new witches waiting to get into the Academy. In fact, there is a line around the block.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Cordelia mentions to Myrtle that they need to rebuild the council. She says that she is aware that they have never had young witches on the council before, but that Zoe and Queenie have grown so much that they deserve an elevated position within the Coven.

Myrtle tells Cordelia that she has the potential to be the greatest Supreme the Coven has ever had; however, before she can do that, she has to rid the Coven of the rot of the past.

Cordelia say that she has always been a fan of her anecdotes, but that she has no idea what she is talking about. Myrtle tells her that she is talking about herself. Cordelia really doesn’t want to hear what Myrtle is saying. Myrtle tells Cordelia that she deserves to burn at the stake for what she did to Pimby and Quentin.

Cordelia tells her to stop talking, and that she never heard any of it. Myrtle tells her that now that she is in power, her life’s work is completed. She says that Cordelia doesn’t need to start out her legacy with a blemish on her record because of Myrtle’s actions.

Cordelia tells Myrtle that she was her only true mother and that she cannot do this without her. Myrtle says that before she can truly be great, she has to stop being a hypocrite.

In one of the hardest decisions that Cordelia has ever had to make, they head out to the stake, the very same place that Myrtle was burned the first time. Myrtle walks on her own accord to the stake wearing a stunning red dress. With no resistance, she allows herself to be tied to the stake and doused in gasoline.

Myrtle tells Cordelia that she has never been more proud of her. Cordelia says that in the absence of the council, and as the reigning Supreme of the Coven, she sentences her to death by fire for the murders of their sister witch Cecily Pimbrooke and their associate Quentin.

As Myrtle burned in the flames once again, she let out the most horrible screams of agony.

New Beginnings

Back at the Academy, they see all of the witches lined up outside to join the Coven. Queenie and Zoe ask where they are going to put all of these people. Cordelia tells them that they will buy more houses if they have to. She tells them that she is going to need help running things. She says that they need a new council, and she would like it if they would stand by her side.

They both agree.

The girls ask if they should go and open the doors. Suddenly, Cordelia stops. She tells them to stay there and says that there is something that she needs to take care of first.

When Cordelia enters the other room she sees her mother sitting in wait for her. Somehow, I knew that Fiona wasn’t really dead; however, she sure looks like hell loomed over.

Suddenly, we flash back and see Fiona in the room with the Axeman at the moment that he found her ticket. She tells him that she is leaving, but she is only going to Paris for a few days until Cordelia can sort out who the next Supreme is. Once Cordelia has done her dirty work for her, she will come back.

She tells him that in order for this to work; she needs a favor from him. She tells him that it won’t be pleasant, but if it is done correctly, then she promises him the world.

She spits in his drink and tells him to drink it. He says that if he is going to take her spit, then he is going to take it from the source. The two of them begin to kiss. Suddenly, we see him laid out on the bed. She splatters blood all over him and rubs it into his axe. She implanted the memory into his mind so that Cordelia would see what she wanted her to.

Fiona said that she knew that Cordelia and the girls would get rid of him for her when he had served his purpose. Did I forget to mention that Fiona looks absolutely awful now?

Fiona said that Cordelia did all of her “dirty work” for her.

Cordelia says that she faked all of this so that she could come back and exact her revenge. That was indeed the plan. Cordelia tells her that it must be more difficult when the person she has come to kill is her own daughter. Fiona disagrees. Cordelia asks her if that is the reason that she has always hated her, because she knew that one day she would take her powers.

Fiona tells her that she took her powers the moment that she was born. She says that it was nothing personal.

Fiona tells her that she can feel the energy vibrating off of her. She says that the minute that Cordelia became the new Supreme, she could feel the power leave her body.

Cordelia finds herself in silent tears. Fiona says that crying over her is the ultimate twist. Cordelia tells her that she is not crying over her. She says that Fiona was always the monster in every closet she ever had. She says that she is crying for the child that is going to die with her.

Fiona picks a knife off of the counter and hands it to Cordelia and tells her to end it for the both of them. She cries and begs for Cordelia to have mercy on her. Cordelia puts down the knife and tells her that she is scared. Cordelia tells her that she is having her first human experience, probably ever.

Cordelia tells her that no one can help her at this point. She tells her that this is something that she is going to have to face on her own. Cordelia tells her to let in all of the fear and the pain, and then let it all go. The two of them share an embrace, for probably the first time ever.

Fiona quietly slips away in her arms.

When Fiona awakens, she is in a bed in a very small room. There are sounds of chickens and dogs in the distant background. The sun is blazing in through the curtains.

Just then, the Axeman walks into the house. He tells her that she is just in time for breakfast. He tells her that he has brought her catfish. She yells at him to get that out of her face,

He asks her why she always has to be like this. She asks him like what? He tells her that every morning when she wakes up, she acts like she has no idea where she is. He tells her that he is sick of fighting with her, and that he can’t do it anymore.

She reaches for a drink. He tells her that if she wants a stiff one, he has one over here for her. She marches across the room and slaps him. She tells him not to be so vulgar. He slaps her right back, and she falls to the floor.

He helps her up, and tells her that she ought to lay off the sauce for a little while and drink in the fresh air and sunlight. She asks him how long they have been there. He tells her that they can’t put a clock on eternity. She says that she can’t spend eternity there, and she cries that she wants Cordelia. He holds her and tells her that no one sent her there. He says that no matter what she does, no one is going to hear her.

He tells her that she needs to relax. In the background, you can hear an ominous laughter. Just over her shoulder, you see Papa Legba sitting there laughing. This is where Fiona is going to spend the rest of eternity; in her own personal hell.

Back at the house, Cordelia is coming down the stairs. At the bottom of the steps, Zoe and Queenie are waiting for her. Cordelia says that it is time to open the doors. Flanked by Queenie and Zoe on either side, they march to the front door and let the new girls in.

Cordelia introduces the girls in the same manner in which she introduced Zoe to the house. Kyle has sort of taken over for Spalding as “the help.”

This is the ushering in of a new era. The Coven is finally headed in the proper direction under the leadership of the one true Supreme, Cordelia Foxx, daughter of the former Supreme, Fiona Goode.

Were you surprised by the unveiling of the new Supreme? Are you satisfied with the way that the show ended? Furthermore, was this season everything that you hoped it would be? With Season 3 behind us now, we all anxiously await the reveal of the official theme of next season. Everyone has a theory, the only question is, which one of them will turn out to be the truth. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.

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