Dec 29, 2013; Eugene, OR, USA; Oregon Ducks guard Jason Calliste (12) stands a the free throw line wearing Nike team shoes against the Morgan State Bears at Matthew Knight Arena. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

Nike unveils 2014 Hyper Elite Dominance uniforms (pic)

In an official statement issued on Thursday, Nike unveiled the “2014 Hyper Elite Dominance” — yes, that’s what they’re actually called — uniforms seven college basketball teams will be wearing during select games in February.

The seven schools are Michigan State University, Duke University, Syracuse University, Ohio State University, University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina, and University of Oregon.

Nike Basketball tweeted a picture of the uniforms:

Pretty cool looking, no?

Oh, and the uniforms are eco-friendly, too:

The Nike Hyper Elite basketball shorts are made of 100 percent recycled polyester while the jerseys are made of at least 96 percent recycled polyester — saving an average of 22 recycled plastic bottles per uniform (Nike Inc).

(Some may argue that any single-game or select-games uniforms are inherently not environmentally friendly due to being worn only once by a team before being discarded, but whatever.)

If you want your own Hyper Elite Dominance jersey, you’ll have to wait until March before purchasing one online.

[Source: Nike Inc]

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