Steve Austin from Arsenio Hall

Stone Cold will be a guest on tonight's Arsenio Hall show

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Stone Cold Steve Austin will be taking on Arsenio Hall tonight in a one on one interview. Former WWE Champion Stone Cold has moved on the world of professional wrestling and got into pod-casts. Each of these shows have had some interesting guests and have discussed some very interesting topics.

This week has been a huge week for Arsenio Hall and his show this week as he’s had UFC President Dana White, Gabby Douglas, Paula Abdul and now Steve Austin himself. I’m sure they’ll be discussing topics including what’s going on with the WWE (should be a given), his podcast and maybe even his thoughts on Justin Bieber.

I don’t know, just throwing that last one out there. Steve Austin has always been very outspoken (exactly like CM Punk) and never holds back when he’s speaking his mind. Safe to say he hates biting his tongue.

Austin just had comedian Gabriel Iglesias on his pod-cast just the other day and even former WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page. I haven’t checked out the shows yet, but will be doing so sometime within the next couple of days.

Definitely going to have to check out a replay of tonight’s show with Steve Austin. Should be very entertaining.

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