Super Bowl 2014: Coke commercial features pee-wee player running to Lambeau (Video)

One of the most exciting aspects of the Super Bowl is the commercials, and this year looks to bring another great crop of ads to the air. A staple advertiser at the Super Bowl has been Coke and this year the soft drink company has yet again struck gold with it’s Super Bowl ad.

The ad was produced by the legendary ad agency Wieden+Kennedy, the minds behind the brilliant This Is SportsCenter ads among many others, and features not only football but a hilarious story as well.

A young pee-wee player is put into a game and given the opportunity to shine like never before. When he recovers a fumble, he starts to run for the endzone, but he doesn’t stop there. As he dances, spins and jukes his way through the streets of his neighborhood, we see that he lives in Green Bay and that he’s running towards Lambeau Field.

Once inside, the kid runs the length of the field and starts to dance in the endzone before being tossed a Coke to refresh.

This is a classic Super Bowl ad in terms of it’s structure and it’s humor, and fans will surely be reacting positively when it airs during the Super Bowl.

H/T: Ad Age

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