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Paul Orndorff says he doesn't watch professional wrestling anymore

The name “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff will draw a blank from younger professional wrestling fans. Unless they know the history of the sport and have older relatives who constantly tell them about the ‘good ole’ days’ of professional wrestling.

But back in his time, Orndorff was one of the best athletes around. The man was nothing but solid muscle and would have definitely done big things with this current WWE roster. But he still made it into the Hall of Fame and can say that he’s one of the greatest athletes to ever put on a pair of tights.

Now you would think that guys who gave a good chunk of their life to this sport would continue to keep up with it. They used to eat, sleep and breathe professional wrestling 360 days a year. But in Paul Orndorff’s case, the man hasn’t watched pro wrestling in over 20 years.

Mr. Wonderful sat down with Under The Mat Radio and discussed why he hasn’t watched a wrestling program in so long. He replied with:

“I don’t watch it, I haven’t watched it in over 20 y ears. You know why? Because it’s the only show in town, that’s why I don’t watch it anymore. That’s why no one watches it anymore, because of the people running it and it’s got no talent like it used to. No more places for them to go, nowhere for them to learn.” Orndorff via

Interesting words from a WWE Hall of Fame inductee. You can hear the rest of the interview with Paul Orndorff by clicking here.

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