Aug 28, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Philadelphia Phillies left fielder Roger Bernadina (3) can

Reds to sign Roger Bernadina

Mark Sheldon of reports that the Cincinnati Reds have added to their outfield depth. Roger Bernadina will join the Reds on a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training.

Bernadina, nicknamed “The Shark,” split time between the Nationals and the Phillies last season, playing in 112 games, putting up a .181/.250/.295 slash line. This was a severe drop off from his breakout 2012 with the Nationals, where he posted a .291/.372/.405 slash line.

Roger will join a competition to be the Reds’ fourth outfielder behind Jay Bruce, Ryan Ludwick, and rookie Billy Hamilton. Skip Schumaker and Chris Heisey will also be in the mix for the outfield bench spot.

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  • metalhead65

    another great walt signing! at least he has shown he can sign spare outfielders that suck as well as infielders. will he and reds management ever learn you get what you pay for? there is a reason these guys are available for the reds to sign and that is they suck! the reds got rid Paul Janish a few years ago because he could not hit so how did all the bargain guys the reds signed to in his place do? you guys remember them don’t you? edgar renteria,willie harriss, wilson valdez, ceaser isturis, and jack hanaran. all hit .220 or less and were/are worse in the field than Janish was. the worst thing about it is not only did they sign these guys they paid them a million or more to SUCK! are you telling me there is nobody in the farm system that can do the job as badly as these guys have at a much lower cost? all this tells me is that they are telling Hamilton sorry kid you are not ready now spend a few more years in the minors and we will call you up again so you can sit on the bench a couple of years and get some experience then you can have a shot at starting in 2020. and for the infield utility spots can someone tell me why guys like rodriguez or soto are not given an opportunity? you can say they are not ready and have no experience, but please tell me how they are going to get experience if they do not get the chance to play? they can’t possibly be any worse than the trash the reds sign every year and would cost much less to suck than those guys. it seems the reds operate on the you must have speed and be a veteran with 1 decent year and you will get a contract. or if you are a pitcher as long as you can give them innings you get a contract whether they are good innings or not.

    • joe blow

      Who is Jack Hanaran?
      Your opinion loses credibility when you don’t even know the names of the players you’re bashing.

      • metalhead65

        hanahan or hanaran he sucks by any name! if you are a reds fan and think otherwise then you are an idiot1 wait you are probably a saber metric geek who has some stat that says he is a good player which is even worse.