Netflix Instant: What new TV shows and movies stream in February 2014?

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It’s February which means we have a whole new list of TV shows and movies heading to Netflix Instant. The ability to stream content to your phone, tablets and gaming devices has helped make Netflix a household name and it has caused the service to step up its game when it comes to finding great titles.

We’re seeing that take shape this month as Netflix is adding an array of new hit titles to stream right into your home. The leadoff hitter on the list is clearly the final season of Breaking Bad as well as the new season of the Golden Globe winning show House of Cards. 

Some hit movies are coming to Netflix including the recently aired ESPN documentary about Nacy Kerigan and Tonya Harding at the Winter Olympics.

Here’s a complete rundown of the new titles coming to Netflix this month:

TV Shows

    • “Bates Motel” Season 1, available Feb. 1
      • “The Borgias” Seasons 1-3, available Feb. 1
        • “Queer as Folk” The Complete Series, available Feb. 1
          • “House of Cards” Season 2, available Feb. 14
            • “Burn Notice” Season 7, available Feb. 15
              • “Breaking Bad” Season 5, available Feb. 24



                • “Failure To Launch,” available Feb. 1
                  • “Flashdance,” available Feb. 1
                    • “Harold and Maude,” available Feb. 1
                      • “Mash,” available Feb. 1
                        • “Adore,” available Feb. 3
                          • “The Fabulous Ice Age,” available Feb. 3
                            • “30 for 30: The Price of Gold,” available Feb. 6
                              • “Somewhere,” available Feb. 16
                                • “Jesus Camp,” available Feb. 21
                                  • “Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” available Feb. 24
                                    • “Blue Is The Warmest Color,” available Feb. 25
                                      • “The Returned” Season 1, available Feb. 24
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