Saturday Night Live cold open spoofs Super Bowl halftime show

Tonight marks the night when Melissa McCarthy drops by to host SNL for the third time in her career. The could of the Super Bowl tomorrow night is hanging over everything which is helping to make the atmosphere even more electric than it already is.

One question we had was if the cold open would spoof the Super Bowl and if it would be better than the more recent cold opens to the show. Last week we saw a dud of an opener with heterosexual figure skaters being the first punchline of the night.

This week though, we saw SNL’s heavy hitters come out in full force to goof the Super Bowl halftime show. jay Pharoah killed it with is short impression of Micheal Strahan while Taran Killiam’s Broadway version of Peyton Manning was hilarious.

The cold opens have been hit or miss and whether you liked this particular one or not, the fact of the matter remains McCarthy has the comedic chops to make tonight great. She has the Super Bowl hype working to her advantage as the crowd is already loosened up and ready for McCarthy to take over.

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