Super Bowl 48: Taran Killam plays Peyton Manning at Super Bowl halftime show (GIF)


Saturday Night Live is operating under the shadow of the Super Bowl tonight, so naturally the very first sketch of the night focused on the big game. There wasn’t some easy joke made about Richard Sherman’s rant or Peyton Manning’s use of Omaha, rather the writers at SNL brought it hard — Broadway style.

The bit revolved around the idea that the Super Bowl halftime show was cancelled and replaced by a Broadway musical that told the drama behind the Super Bowl. The best part of the bit was Taran Killiam playing Peyton Manning, only a much more feminine Broadway version of him.

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Keenan Thompson also dropped by to play a hilarious version of Richard Sherman that was the exact polar opposite of how he’s been portrayed in the media.

The bit ended with Peyton Manning’s neck giving out, a tragic conclusion to the battle of the Super Bowl. But the incident led to a giant musical number about unity and love within the Super Bowl and totally killed with the laughs. The cold open has set the show up for a great night and we can only hope that the jokes continue to role in the clever fashion they did to start the night.

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