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Washington Nationals avoid arbitration with Doug Fister

The Washington Nationals traded for Doug Fister in December, adding a quality arm to an already stacked rotation as they try to redeem themselves after a disappointing 2013.

On Saturday morning the Nationals announced that they avoided arbitration with Fister.

When they submitted salary figures, Fister filed for $8.5 million and the Nationals submitted $5.75 million as an offer. While the terms of the deal still are not known, they presumably got close to splitting the difference at around $7.15 million or so.

By locking up Fister, the Nats put a bow on a rotation worthy of all the accolades you can dream of on paper. There are the higher profile guys, Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez, and the ridiculously consistent guys who get less press, Jordan Zimmerman and Fister. It’s hard to argue that any rotation in baseball goes that deep through four turns in the rotation.

A big part of that is Fister, whose value seems to be under-appreciated at times. He threw 208.1 innings last season and has posted a sub-3.50 FIP in his last three seasons. Most teams would kill to have him at the top of their rotation, and yet the Nationals will slot him 4th. Remember that when they are at the top of many preseason predictions once again in 2014.

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