Wrestling legend, Sting.

WWE to bring in Sting to be RAW's new General Manager?

Triple H and the rest of the higher ups are currently in talks with professional wrestling legend, Sting. Or The Icon, depending on how old you are.

Now at first, word is that Sting has already signed with the WWE. Nothing has been agree’d on yet, but there have been a couple things being thrown around about how this company is going to use him when he’s officially signed. After years of rumors involving Sting and the WWE and nothing happening, I assumed it was just all talk.

But right now it appears that something is going to happen very soon. An idea of him using ‘A Man Called Sting’, instead of rolling with ‘The Icon Sting’ have been thrown around here and there. According to NoDQ.com, the WWE may not be rushing him into a match at WrestleMania XXX. He’ll work as something else than an active member of the roster.

Sting may be brought in as the new RAW General Manager, which may not sit well with Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero. Which means we’ll have to hear Vickie do that annoying scream that she does when she isn’t happy. That woman’s gimmick is never happy.

So all you fans hoping that Sting will be taking on The Undertaker in his streak, can calm down. The match up that the company is looking at for the Deadman, is Brock Lesnar. If he doesn’t have a chance to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, then he’ll want to take a shot at ending the streak.

Taker has beaten Triple H and CM Punk over the last couple of WrestleMania’s, two guys that Brock Lesnar has defeated. Even though he lost to Triple H last year at Mania. More will be posted on Sting’s jump to the WWE when more starts to surface.

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