2014 Super Bowl Guide: Everything you need to know

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The Super Bowl isn’t just the biggest day of the football season, it’s one of the most looked forward days of the year. Fans in not just the United States but around the world will be taking in the big game, which means that literally all the eyes of the world will be on New Jersey and on Super Bowl XLVIII.

Both teams have been to the Super Bowl before, but neither have won in quite some time. For the Denver Broncos, a Super Bowl has eluded them since the won back in 1998 while the Seattle Seahawks have never won a Super Bowl in the history of their franchise.

Only one team will change their fortunes and only one team will reach football immortality. For fans watching at home, the game means spending an entire day in front of your television preparing for a Super Bowl party to match the intensity of the game itself.

We have your complete and essential guide to not only the teams playing in the big game, but ways you can become a Super Bowl MVP by throwing the best party you can and everything in-between.

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