NFL logos as Star Wars characters (Photos)

The Super Bowl kicks off tonight, which means everyone is in full on football mode. Even people you wouldn’t normally associate with football are getting in the spirit as someone has put together a list of NFL teams and replaced their logos with Star wars characters.

We’ve seen this done before, as NFL logos have been replaced and redone as European football shields and most recently we saw the logos redone for hipsters. But the Star Wars logos take the cake and look to be the hardest set of redone logos to top.

You can check out the rest of the redone Star Wars NFL logos here, as they’re all worth a look. We’ve gathered our favorites here:


Credit: Imgur


Credit: Imgur


Credit: Imgur


Credit: Imgur


Credit: Imgur

It’s not often that football and something like Star Wars interact, but when they do it’s clearly an awesome collision of cool. You don’t have to pretend the helmets aren’t cool either as it’s a rare opportunity for football fans to admit they like Star Wars and Star wars fans to admit that they watch and geek out over football too.

Which one of the NFL Star Wars logos were your favorites? Sound off in the comments section below and join the conversation.

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