Screen Shot from the Valentine's Day Commercial from "Saturday Night Live." Photo Credit: NBC

Saturday Night Live: Nothing Like Valentine’s Day at CVS (Video)

Saturday Night Live has always put together some great commercial parodies. Unfortunately, what makes them so funny is the fact that buried underneath all the innuendo and ridiculousness is just a tiny glimmer of truth. In the late night comedy show’s latest episode, they explain that when it comes to holidays like Valentine’s Day, all it takes it a trip to your local CVS to make everything just perfect.

Hopefully, you can hear the sarcasm in my voice, gentlemen. Under no circumstances should you get your girlfriend, fiancé, wife, significant other, or whatever you consider your other half, their Valentine’s Day gift from CVS or any other convenience-style store.

When I tell you that it is the thought that counts, the one thing that will give it away point blank that you completely forgot about one of the biggest “couple days” of the year is coming home with a box of chocolates graced by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or a helium balloon that continually plays “Mambo Number 5” at the most awkward moments.

Oh, and just for future reference, when you buy her a pendant that comes from the same aisle as your dog’s food, you can bet that the bed is the very last place you will be sleeping at night.

My last piece of advice to you. Do everything the exact opposite of this commercial.

Here is a look at Saturday Night Live’s latest commercial parody entitled “Valentine’s Day Commercial.”

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