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Sons of Anarchy: Season 7 - Will Jax Ever Forgive Gemma?

We have had just about two months to digest everything that happened in the stunning Season 6 finale of the hit FX Original Series Sons of Anarchy. After the events that unfolded in the final minutes of the Season Finale, which was aptly entitled “A Mother’s Work,” do you think that Jax will ever be able to forgive Gemma for what she did?

When we last saw Jax, he was absolutely overcome with grief after walking into his house and finding his wife, Dr. Tara Knowles-Teller, brutally murdered in a pool of her own blood on the floor. The scream he let out was enough to get under the skin of any Sons of Anarchy fan.

Alongside Tara on the floor were the bloodied remains of Sheriff Eli Roosevelt, who we all know was shot by Juice after he walked in on Gemma standing over Tara’s bloody body. Unfortunately, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, even though it was all in the line of duty, turned Roosevelt into “collateral damage” in an internal war that is far from over.

While Jax sat on the floor as he held his wife’s bloodied body in his arms as he wept, the absolute last person that he wanted to see walked into the room; District Attorney Tyne Patterson.

We all know that Patterson is one of those people who decides what she wants, and then does every single little thing, whether in or outside of the law, to accomplish what she desires. For the length of the entire sixth season, that thing was to take down Jax Teller and the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club.

Now, she has essentially walked in on a goldmine when it comes to accomplishing that goal. His gun lay on the floor in front of him, Sheriff Roosevelt lying on the floor with a fatal gunshot wound, and Tara’s dead body lying in his arms. It would be all too easy for her to find some way to pin this entire thing squarely on Jax’s shoulders.

This brings me to my next question. Should things play out this way and Jax ends up in prison accused of the murders of his wife and Sheriff Roosevelt, could Gemma stand idly by and watch he son potentially put to death for a crime that she knows for a fact that he didn’t commit?

Now, whether you are on Team Tara or Team Gemma, there is no denying that Gemma did what she did because she thought it was what she needed to do to protect her son. Granted, she had bad intelligence on the matter, but she did not know this at the time. She was under the impression, which was the same impression that almost everyone else was under, that Tara had cut a deal with Patterson that would send Jax to prison and would allow for Tara to take Abel and Thomas and leave Charming never to return.

This is something that Gemma, in her mind, could not allow to happen. Her family means far too much for her to watch some “outsider” come in and take all of that away from her. I mean, it is no secret that Gemma was never Tara’s biggest fan in the first place, but this entire deal with the D.A. was the final straw.

However, people do many things that are ultimately “wrong” even though those things were done for what they believed to be the right reasons. While that may allow for a certain level of understanding, that still doesn’t make those things “right.”

They may have had their problems, but whether or not the fans of the Queen of SAMCRO like it or not, Jax truly loved Tara.

If for some reason Jax comes to find out about the horrible crime perpetrated by his own mother against his wife, and mother of his children, will he ever be able to forgive her?

Will he buy the fact that she believed that she did what she did in a misguided attempt to protect him, or will he see this as a total betrayal of his faith and his family? At this point, this could go either way.

With both of the people who he counted on to be his “moral compass” gone, there is a possibility that he could buy her story. On the other hand, there is also the possibility that he will dispose of her rather quickly.

Jax has experienced such great personal loss for the sake of SAMCRO. He has had his son kidnapped and taken away to Ireland, he watched his best friend brutally murdered right in front of his eyes, and now he has seen his wife brutally murdered. This would certainly be enough to make even the most disciplined mind mad; however, this could mean that something even more sinister is in store for Queen Gemma should this information come to light.

As you remember, Jax knew about the crimes that Clay Morrow had perpetrated against his family. Between his role in the murder of Jax’s father John Teller as well as the orchestration of the attempted kidnapping of his wife Tara, this resulted in the injury to her hand, which effectively ended her surgical career, Clay was more than deserving of anything that Jax could have done to him.

Jax allowed Clay to stay alive for quite some time, at least until he served his purpose for the MC. Then, once he was finished with him, Jax hatched a scheme with the rest of the club, which allowed for Clay to be put down execution style towards the end of the season.

Could something similar to this happen to Gemma?

There are so very many questions that were opened up at the end of Season 6. Unfortunately, we have quite a bit of time to wait until we will get any answers to our questions. Being the twisted, evil genius that show creator Kurt Sutter is, you know that it is going to accomplish one of two things. You’ll either be really happy or really, really angry.

Either way, you will know that he has done his job brilliantly when you feel the emotions stir inside of you.

Do you think that if/when the information of Gemma’s indiscretions comes to light that Jax will be able to forgive his mother, or do you think the end is nigh for the Queen of SAMCRO? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Sons of Anarchy will return this September on FX.

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