Super Bowl halftime show gets Broadway show treatment on SNL (Video)

Last night saw Melissa McCarthy swoop into Saturday Night Live to host the pre-Super Bowl episode of the show. The big game wasn’t riffed on as much as we were expecting but we still saw SNL break out the jokes right off the bat. Rather than sprinkle in jokes about the Super Bowl throughout the show, the show started with a giant musical number that was perhaps the most clever way the game could have been covered.

We didn’t see any lazy Richard Sherman jokes or easy lines about smoking pot, rather Taran Killam killed it in the bit performing as a Broadway actor portraying Peyton Manning. Keenan Thompson’s role as Richard Sherman also stood out as it was the exact polar opposite of how the Seahawks cornerback has been portrayed since the NFC Championship game.

We even got to see host Melissa McCarthy come out and join the performance, and Jay Pharoah’s excellent Michael Strahan impersonation showed up as well.

The bit was a clever way of spoofing the Super Bowl, as the game itself was parodied as well as the halftime show. Overall, the night was dominated by the fact that the Super Bowl was the next day but SNL got in and got out with it’s best Super Bowl joke of the night and refused to ride the coattails of the game from there on.


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