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UFC 169 results: Jose Aldo retains title with dominant UD victory over Ricardo Lamas

The co-main event of the evening for the UFC 169 event is for the UFC Featherweight championship. Longtime UFC champion, Jose Aldo, will look to defend his title for the sixth time against the surging Ricardo Lamas.

Jose Aldo (23-1, 5-0 UFC)  has not lost a fight in 9 years. Under the Zuffa banner he is 13-0 including marquee victories over Chad Mendes, Urijah Faber, Kenny Florian, Frankie Edgar, and more. Aldo has looked seemingly unbeatable and indomitable during his reign as the WEC/UFC Featherweight champion. Aldo won the title back at WEC 44 against Mike Brown. Since then, he has defended his title twice in the WEC and five times in the UFC. His most recent win was a TKO victory over Chan Sung Jung at UFC 163.

Ricardo Lamas (13-2, 4-0 UFC) has not lost since coming into the UFC from the WEC. Unfortunately for him, he has only fought 4 times in the last three years. Regardless, Lamas holds victories over Cub Swanson and Erik Koch, both by finishes. He has been passed over for a title shot numerous times, but he finally gets his chance tonight.

Round 1: Ricardo Lamas with a quick outside leg kick, and another. Lamas feints a high kick. Lamas misses a leg kick. Lamas misses a head kick. Jab from Aldo. Aldo with a left hook and straight right that are blocked. Aldo checks Lamas’ kick. Aldo with a body punch. Head kick from Lamas is blocked. Aldo with a leg kick. Aldo misses an overhand right. Leg kick by Lamas is checked again. Lamas wings and misses a few big hooks. Front kick from Aldo. Leg kick from Lamas. Head kick from Lamas misses. Jab from Lamas. Aldo with a body punch. Big left hook and leg kick from Aldo. Spinning back kick to the body from Aldo. Big kick from Lamas to the body, but Aldo catches it and attacks Lamas. Aldo lands a few punches, but Lamas gets back to the center of the cage. Lamas going high again, but misses. Counter right from Aldo. Body punch from Aldo. Lamas misses two spinning back kicks. Aldo with a flying knee and some punches at the end of the round, but Lamas defends well. 10-9 Aldo for more effective striking.

Round 2: Lamas comes out feinting a lot. Aldo misses two jabs, and Also checks a leg kick. Lamas misses a capoeira kick. Aldo with the teep kick. Aldo with a big leg kick that buckles Lamas momentarily. Straight right from Aldo. Head kicks missing for Lamas. Leg kick for Lamas. Aldo misses a body shot, but lands moments later. Another Lamas kick is checked. Uppercut and straight right lands for Aldo. Lamas misses a big overhand right. Another checked leg kick. Aldo with a body kick and jab. 1-2 from Lamas lands. Aldo with another Left hook, big outside leg kick combination. Aldo clips Lamas with a left hook. Jab from Lamas. Another leg kick from Aldo stuns Lamas, and again. Aldo is setting up these leg kicks beautifully. Lamas is going to have issues moving now. Lamas misses a wheel kick. Aldo with another hard leg kick. Head kick for Lamas lands, but he is limping. Jose Aldo misses a spinning back kick. Lamas checks a kick, but Aldo lands another hard one right after. Wheel kick is blocked by Aldo and Lamas misses one to end the round. 10-9 Aldo for his complete control and effective striking.

Round 3: Lamas misses a kick early. Another leg kick from Aldo. Uppercut and leg kick from Aldo. Big right hook and leg kicks from Aldo. Aldo is lighting Lamas up. Lamas goes for a single leg takedown, and Aldo easily gets away. Lamas with another head kick. Another hard leg kick from Aldo. Inside leg kick from Lamas, and now an outside leg kick. Jab from Lamas. Push kick from Lamas. Aldo with another hard leg kick. Lamas goes high again, but Aldo blocks it. Straight right from Lamas. Uppercut misses for Lamas, and Aldo counters with an overhand right. Inside leg kick from Lamas. 1-2 from Aldo. Inside leg kick from Lamas. Left hook to the body and a right outside leg kick from Aldo. Lamas throws another kick that is checked. Left hook lands for Lamas. Uppercut from Lamas and an inside leg kick. Straight left from Aldo. Aldo misses a big right hook. Wheel kick misses again for Lamas. Outside leg kick for Lamas. Body shot for Aldo. Lamas lands a right hook. Lamas really mixing it up out there, but is not very successful. Aldo catches a leg kick, and kicks Lamas. 10-9 Aldo for more effective striking.

Round 4: Lamas with a straight left. Hard leg kick again from Aldo. Lamas working hard for a takedown on the fence. Aldo landing some strikes, and Lamas picks up Aldo but can not slam him. Aldo’s takedown defense is absolutely impeccable. Aldo turns Lamas around. Aldo just holding on to Lamas on the fence. Finally, Aldo trips Lamas and is on top in half guard. Aldo looking for the arm triangle, but Lamas gets back to full guard. Suddenly, Aldo gets full mount, then back mount, and is fishing for the rear naked choke. Lamas is fighting hard to turn around, and he gets to his feet. Lamas is now looking to get Aldo on the mat. Big elbows from Aldo as Lamas is clinching him on the fence. Aldo turns him around and that is where the round ends. 10-9 Aldo for the submission attempts and control.

Round 5: Two body kicks from Lamas, but Aldo pushes him up to the cage. Aldo takes Lamas down and he is in his full guard. Aldo throwing body shots. Lamas is setting up an omoplata, but Aldo defends easily. Aldo mounts Lamas in impressive fashion once again. Jose Aldo is pitching a shutout here. Lamas kicks off the cage and flips Aldo over. Lamas is suddenly on top. Lamas with big ground and pound. Suddenly Lamas has a chance to win this fight. Big elbow from Lamas, and another. More elbows from Lamas. Aldo is controlling Lamas’ posture. Lamas shakes him off and is landing some big ground and pound, but can not finish the job. 10-9 Lamas for the ground and pound, but too little too late.

Official Decision: Jose Aldo defeats Ricardo Lamas by Unanimous Decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46) 

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