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National Signing Day 2014: How Top Recruits Filled the Super Bowl 2014 Rosters

Just a few short days after Super Bowl XLVIII comes to an end, the focus for football fans will be shifting to National Signing Day. With the Super Bowl and Signing Day two of the biggest events at any level of the sport, it is always interesting to tie them together and does just that.

After crunching the numbers, we see that only four our of the 125 players received a five-star rating from

The only person on the Denver Broncos to receive a five-star rating was wide receiver Andre Caldwell, while the Seahawks have three five-star athletes with wide receiver Percy Harvin, running back Christine Michael and running back Spencer Ware.

To be fair, twenty of the players from both teams graduated high school before began handing out star ratings. Players like Peyton Manning and Champ Bailey would have certainly had high ratings.

Between the two teams, there are more two and three-star recruits than four and five-star recruits. They also have a total of 21 players who were not ranked.

If you want to check out a full breakdown of how many players each team had at each rating, you can check out the information below:

Denver Broncos: 

  • Five-Stars: 1
  • Four-Stars: 12
  • Three-Stars: 15
  • Two-Stars: 14
  • Unranked: 9
  • Pre-Rivals: 13

Seattle Seahawks: 

  • Five-Stars: 3
  • Four-Stars: 8
  • Three-Stars: 19
  • Two-Stars: 12
  • Unranked: 12
  • Pre-Rivals: 7

For the more detailed reports, check out

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