NFL Power Rankings: Post Super Bowl

The 2013-14 NFL season is in the books, following the Seattle Seahawks shellacking of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. While Seattle solidified themselves as the top team in the NFL, there are still plenty of other teams in the league and it would only be air to see how they match up against each other.

Our FanSided staff put together the final NFL power rankings of the season, which includes no surprises at the top.

Where does your team stand in the final rankings of the NFL season? You can take a look below.

NOTERankings take the average of for polls from VP of content Patrick Allen, Editor-in-Chief Josh Sanchez, Editor Mike Dyce, Editor Josh Hill and Assistant Editor Bryan Rosa

1. seahawks Seattle Seahawks 

2. 49ers San Francisco 49ers 

3. broncos Denver Broncos

4. patriots New England Patriots 

5. panthers Carolina Panthers 

6. saints New Orleans Saints 

7. cardinals Arizona Cardinals 

8. bengals Cincinnati Bengals 

9. chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 

10. colts Indianapolis Colts 

11. chargers San Diego Chargers 

12. packers Green Bay Packers 

13. eagles Philadelphia Eagles 

14. cowboys Dallas Cowboys 

15. dolphins Miami Dolphins 

16. steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 

17. bears Chicago Bears 

18. ravens Baltimore Ravens 

19. rams St. Louis Rams 

20. jets New York Jets 

21. giants New York Giants 

22. lions Detroit Lions 

23. titans Tennessee Titans 

24. bills Buffalo Bills

25. falcons Atlanta Falcons 

26. bucs Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

27. browns Cleveland Browns 

28. vikings Minnesota Vikings 

29. jags Jacksonville Jaguars 

30. raiders Oakland Raiders 

31. redskins Washington Redskins 

32. texans Houston Texans 

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  • SamyyCiao

    Wow – Real low ranking for Steelers and Ravens – kind of dumb – but the author looks dumb!

    • Chesney Blair

      is that why they are ranked couple of places below where they are drafting which was decided by sos?

      • SamyyCiao

        What language was this translated from Polish?

        • Chesney Blair

          14-18 all 8-8 teams, so how is that Steelers and Ravens are much lower than they should be ranked? I guess they should be above the Eagles who made the playoffs.

          • SamyyCiao

            Eagles are in a tough divison no dobut about it! Thier ownership is their biggest problem. Like that running back McCoy from Pitt – saw him at a High School game in Harrisburg – he was great – could do all then – your lucky to have him!

    • Evan

      What are you talking about? Steelers and Ravens had off years, they don’t deserve any higher ranking than where they are at

      • SamyyCiao

        Both where 8-8 and the Steelers where in execpt Fat Boy Reid took a dive at KC and lost to San Diego in last game of Season? They beat the Bengals and Packers bad back to back and lost to Ravens on last second field goal on Thanksgiving Eve – had they not started 0-4 would have been better play off team then Bengals from AFC Nort. But as the saying goes would could shoulda – but the teams in this ranking never win anything ever and never will they stink – only Pats, Ravens, Giants, Colts, Saints and now Seahawks along with Steelers who have been to SB and won on regular basis deserve a ranking.

  • SamyyCiao

    Denver is shot – should be down around 15!

  • SamyyCiao

    KC will never win with Andy “I always choke eating 5 Hot Dogs at a time” Reid!

    • Peter C

      Enjoy hater as we dance on your puny head once we WIN the AFC west. KC should be ahead of AZ at 6 or 7.

      • SamyyCiao

        No chance with Fat boy Andy – he cost the Steelers the playoffs and lost playing second team and karma got him in playoffs he thought he had the “27 Yanks – he had soft schedule just like his fat soft belly the loser of many championship game in Filthydelphia!

  • Dr Muon Funk

    Philly is 13? Why would you think they are going to get worse in 2014?

    • Jimmy DeMarco

      This isn’t a future ranking, it’s a final ranking of the 2013 season.
      After FA & the draft, they’ll do one going into the 2014 season.

      • Dr Muon Funk

        Well Philly beat Arizona and Greenbay (Rodger-less but still) so that’s not right.

        • Jimmy DeMarco

          Carolina and Cincinnati both beat New England, they’re not ranked ahead of them.

          • Dr Muon Funk

            New England made it to the AFC Championship. That’s a huge difference. Arizona did not make the playoffs.

          • Jimmy DeMarco

            Denver made the Super Bowl, SF is ranked ahead of them.
            It’s all based off of a concensus and the opinions by the writer’s.

          • Dr Muon Funk

            True.. I guess the final game from SF and Seattle was a nail biter. Last night was a blow out.

          • Jimmy DeMarco

            But I do agree with you that Arizona shouldn’t be ranked ahead of them and I do believe that Philly will be just as good, if not better next year.

  • They_Dont_Even_Know_24

    The only evaluation that is objective is W-L, especially in the playoffs which are the OUTCOME of the season. Chargers beat the Bengals in the playoffs. That means indisputably they are better. Bolts also beat the Colts and KC in the regular season, and KC was one and done in the playoffs.

  • Evan

    I really like that they have Arizona at number 7. They played in the toughest division in the NFL and were, in my opinion, better than the Saints. Had they made the playoffs they could have been a huge threat to Seattle. Watch out for the Cardinals in 2014-15. (although something tells me hosting the Super Bowl is a bad omen)

    • Bigworm78

      Ya Evan I agree with you as a Seahawks fan I think Arizona is a bigger threat to us winning the division than the 9ers are

  • Dewight Marice Mitchell

    you have detroit lions number 22

  • Dewight Marice Mitchell

    you have detroit lions number 22 wow

  • Mickey Sheahan

    Every team in the NFC playoffs could beat the broncos, they should be down at number 7