WWE's Daniel Bryan

Seattle Seahawks recognize WWE star Daniel Bryan after Super Bowl 48 victory

Sunday night, the Seattle Seahawks fans got what they were looking for as their team routed the Denver Broncos, 43-8, in Super Bowl 48. It was a stark contrast from last Sunday where Seattle faithful were hoping that their home-state WWE hero, Daniel Bryan, would win the annual Royal Rumble and head off to headline WrestleMania where he could hopefully capture a championship of his own.

As we all found out, that wasn’t the case as Bryan was held out of the Rumble match completely, only wrestling his scheduled, opening match against Bray Wyatt, sending his fan base into a frenzy.

However, no matter how disappointing it is that Bryan won’t–as of this moment, at least–be involved in the title match at the biggest show of the year for WWE, that didn’t stop the Seahawks from taking time out of their monumental moment on Sunday night to recognize Bryan on their twitter account, utilizing his famous catchphrase.



Even if you’re not a fan of the WWE product, chances are that you know by now who Bryan is. It’s almost the same effect that Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin had on folks when they were hitting the height of their stardom.

Take notice, HHH.


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