Feb 3, 2014; Rosa Khutor, RUSSIA; Security personal walk the perimeter of the Gorki Media Center in the Mountain Cluster. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

2014 Sochi Olympics: The hotel water looks disgusting (Photo)

Take a moment and be glad you’re not in Russia attending the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

No, seriously, do it.

With the games just a few days away, reporters have been making their way to their hotels and the end results aren’t good. Not only have we seen hotel rooms that aren’t finished (with include construction workers in them after you’ve checked in), now we have water problems. Really, really, bad ‘unsafe’ water problems.

Stacy St. Clair is in Sochi where her hotel had no water for a considerable amount of time. Thankfully, that problem was resolved but what came out of the tap after it was ‘fixed’? Well – I don’t think it was drinkable.

Looks pleasant, doesn’t it?

On the plus side – at least she actually has a hotel room as multiple reporters have arrived in Sochi to find out their ‘luxury’ accommodations aren’t available yet (how nice) or in some cases, the hotels don’t even have a lobby to check in.

Sounds like things are going off without a hitch!

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