Game of Thrones nude scenes don't stack up against other shows (Photo)


The hit HBO show Game of Thrones is notorious for being one of the most watched and well produced shows on television but it’s also notable for another reason. Despite the brilliant writing, excellent acting and outstanding set pieces, Game of Thrones is constantly singled out for its gratuitous use of nudity.

Season one of the show no doubt had it’s fair share of nudity but producers have dialed it way back since then, so much so that the Game of Thrones doesn’t even rank as the most naked show on television. HBO wins the category for having the show with the most nudity in it, but True Blood ranks well ahead of the supposedly gratuitous Game of Thrones.

Credit: MTV

Credit: MTV

The list is based off of the most recent seasons of the listed shows, and in case you need the math done for you, Game of Thrones had 13 instances of nudity which ranks it dead last among other notoriously naked shows on television right now.

This list will likely do nothing to end the debate or the chastising of Game of Thrones for being the most naked show on television but it’s proof that people continue to over look the production value of the show because they got excited over seeing a pair of boobs — just six times.

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