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MLB Rumors: Arizona Diamondbacks ‘very serious’ about Bronson Arroyo

The Arizona Diamondbacks are likely to add a starting pitcher before Spring Training starts in force. While some wonder if Ervin Santana might be a good fit for them as his asking price continues to drop, it appears that they only have eyes for 37-year-old Bronson Arroyo at the moment.

Tonight Nick Cafardo is reporting the following about the veteran starting pitcher.

If Arroyo lands before Santana and Ubaldo Jimenez, it provides an interesting commentary on two things: how the compensatory draft pick system has impacted things, and how teams value stability in the starting rotation. The Diamondbacks could use a pitcher with more upside for their rotation, but one can also understand why they like Arroyo, a machine who regularly logs 200 innings a season.

It will be interesting to see if the Diamondbacks give him a three-year deal. If they do, it will show faith in the career-best peripherals he displayed in 2013. If they are going to get him in the fold, they might be forced to rush the process a little bit; their entire off-season program is pushed up so that they can play the season-opening game against the Los Angeles Dodgers in Australia.

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