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Sidney Crosby speaks out about accommodations in Sochi

Sidney Crosby can be counted on for a lot. When the Pittsburgh Penguins need a big play, it typically falls to No. 87 to make something happen. When they need a big goal and pull the goalie, it’s Crosby hitting the ice as an extra attacker. When Canada needs someone to score an overtime Gold Medal-clinching goal, they turn to the “kid.”

The one thing that Crosby can’t be counted on for is a controversial quote.

Yesterday, photos of the rooms that Olympic athletes would be staying in hit the internet.

For some reason, these pictures really caused a stir despite the fact that the players that take part in the Winter Games typically sleep on small beds and don’t have a whole lot of space to themselves. When asked about the sleeping situation, Crosby had this to say according to Chris Adamski of The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Pretty similar to Vancouver. Not quite that tight, but we had three guys in a room, and I think (Boston Bruins star Patrice) Bergeron was sleeping in a closet. … To house that many athletes in that small a (town), it’s probably what you’re going to see.

Well, there’s always 2018 (granted the NHL sends players) if you’re looking for a dynamite Crosby quote about the pain and suffering that comes from twin beds and sharing a room with two other grown men.


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