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Cleveland Browns put up billboard of Mike Pettine faster than it took to hire him (Photo)

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The Cleveland Browns will be a team to watch closely in 2014, but the exact reason for doing so isn’t yet known. Either the team is going to make a massive turnaround that changes the way we look at Joe Banner and Jim Haslam’s cockiness earlier this offseason, or the Browns will provide us with plenty of blooper reel plays to entertain us late at night.

One of the reasons the Browns are a laughing stock at the moment is because of the length of time it took them to hire their new head coach. This may not have been a big deal had they been moving on from a coach who proved he was a failure, but the team fired Rob Chudzinski after a single season to go out an hire their dream head coach.

That guy ended up being the defensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills. Mike Pettine may very well turn the Browns around, but Browns fans aren’t happy at the lethargic way the front office went about hiring a new head coach. Fans will be less tickled that the team took longer to find a head coach than they did to put up a billboard asking for gobs of money next season.

The billboard isn’t a big deal in any other context other than one that has a team stumbling for a month to find a head coach but mere weeks to put up a sign asking for fans to pay to see the team play.

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