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Edmonton Oilers Inspired By Other Teams Where Failure Led To Success

The Edmonton Oilers had three straight first overall picks. They followed it up with the  seventh overall pick last year. This year, it seems that their pick this year will once again be top-5.

Sure, that enables you to rack up a lot of great players, but if you’re unable to be successful with those type of players, it’s really a waste of time. That is the situation the Oilers find themselves in.

However, Edmonton players remain optimistic. They hope that some recent success this season will lead to consistent success over the coming season.

Oilers captain, talking to the NHL Network, had this to say about the Oiler’s fortunes.

“Stringing together a good section of the season I think will go miles for the young guys. Finish strong so you’re going into the summer saying, ‘The year wasn’t a waste. It was a frustrating year, we lost, we hate it, but it wasn’t a waste because now we’re going into next year with a foundation.’ Even in the short winning streaks we’ve had we’ve seen flashes of that. That’s what we need.”

He then goes on to mention the struggles that current elite NHL teams have gone through in the past.

“It’s hard to remember the struggles that Chicago or Boston had before they were doing great… It was only six, seven years ago when some of those teams were moving a lot of guys and were struggling to find that identity. They went through the same kind of thing and stuck with it and it worked.”

What he says about that is absolutely true. Both of those teams has long periods of mediocrity before they could even think of contending. Now, look at them. Edmonton hopes to mirror that success in the coming seasons.

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