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Which Marvel Film May Go Head-to-Head with DC’s Batman vs. Superman?

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Marvel currently has claim to two dates in their lineup that are not currently taken up by any particular film; May 6, 2016 and May 5, 2017. However, there are rumors floating around today that may just have one of those slots being occupied. As you know, May 6, 2016 is the same day that DC has scheduled the release of the currently untitled Batman vs. Superman film. What would Marvel possibly want to pit directly against a blockbuster like Batman vs. Superman?

Now, there have also been rumors going around that those two slots would be awarded to Doctor Strange and Black Panther, which are both currently in production, but have no release dates to speak of. There is also the rather large possibility that those two openings could be reserved for the recently announced third installations in both the Captain America and Thor franchises. However, according to the people at, the answer may not be exactly what we think it is.

According to, that film will be the follow up to this year’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Now, at this time, there has been absolutely no confirmation from Marvel on the matter, so this is nothing more than speculation at this point, but according to their sources, Marvel is taking the jump, albeit an early one, and putting their cards in a currently untested franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is not to say that Guardians of the Galaxy is not going to be the blockbuster that Marvel would need it to be in order for this to be a viable option for them. Everything that I have seen thus far in regards to the film gives me hope that the film is going to be pretty amazing. The film also has the unrelenting support of not just their director, but the cast and crew as well.

However, as I said before, this is still a pretty big vote of confidence for a greatly untested franchise.

As I said, though…this is nothing more than a rumor at this point. There has been no official confirmation from Marvel on the matter. So, just as with everything else in the film industry, things are subject to change.

Do you think the follow up to a film like Guardians of the Galaxy would be able to stand toe-to-toe with a film like Batman vs. Superman? What do you think Marvel would have to do in order to make this successful? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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