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Star Wars: Episode VII – Is Gary Oldman In Talks to Join the Cast? (Video)

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Ever since the film was announced, rumors have been flying left and right as to who would be in the film. Everyone from the cast of the original trilogy, to those joined the Star Wars family in the prequel trilogy and even some actors who seem to have hit their stride as of late have been rumored to be signing onto the project. However, in most of these situations, the rumor has not been started by the actor themselves.

Earlier today, the people at Sky Movies had a chance to sit down with actor Gary Oldman to discuss his role in the upcoming RoboCop reboot. I am not quite sure how we got from point “A” to point “B,” but I think it is safe to say that I’m glad we did.

During the sit down, the interviewer casually throws in that the veteran actor has been in his fair share of blockbuster film franchises like Harry Potter,  Batman, Planet of the Apes, and now RoboCop. Then, he asks the inevitable…could we potentially see him in Star Wars next.

Instead of denying it with a simple laugh, he says something rather unexpected.

“They’ve called.” Oldman says. “”I’m more cynical about it (casting) now, I believe it when I’m on the plane home. You know, the deal isn’t done (until then). But yeah, they’ve inquired.”

He was very hesitant to elaborate more on the matter. This could be for two different reasons. There could in fact be some very real truth to his words, and he may not be contractually able to elaborate any further, or it could very well be that he is pulling our legs and that no such conversation has occurred.

That’s the thing with these rumors. It is very difficult to ascertain which of them is true, and which of them are just that; rumors.

Here is a look at the clip from the interview. Take a look for yourself.


For obvious reasons, there are not a lot of details available regarding the storyline of the upcoming film. There are rumors going around that the story could feature older versions of the characters from the original trilogy, featuring the next generation in a more prominent role, but as you know with film, these kinds of things are fluid right up until they hit the editing room. In other words, things can always change.

According to, filming on the project is set to begin in May.

Star Wars: Episode VII is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 18, 2015.

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