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Buffalo Sabres reportedly want 2015 draft picks

The Buffalo Sabres will likely be among the most active teams once the Olympic roster freeze thaws. New general manager Tim Murray will have 10 days to decide what to do with his coveted assets. It’s being reported that upwards of 12 teams have kicked tires on Matt Moulson.

It’s also believed that Murray will move goaltender Ryan Miller, and has examined the possibility of flipping Steve Ott as well. For a rebuilding team like Buffalo, draft picks are the currency that pays the way to respectability. As such, any team inquiring about these players will likely be asked to give up first-round draft selections.

The Sabres might not have an interest in 2014 picks though.

It’s purely speculation on our part, but could the Sabres be trying to position themselves to select Connor McDavid? That would certainly make sense. He’s the highest-touted prospect since Sidney Crosby, and it’s believed that he’ll eventually develop into one of the best players in the NHL.

Aside from that, the 2014 draft class is a tad bit weaker than usual, and Buffalo may just like more players that will be available a year from now. The Sabres will have one of the top three picks this year and could very well select just as high next year.

It wasn’t Murray’s regime that made the picks, but Buffalo was able to bring on two first-round picks early on in the 2013 draft and three second rounders. Buffalo could have two selections to make in the first round this year as well, having acquired the New York Islanders’ selection in Thomas Vanek deal.

It seems that Murray has a plan, and that plan seems to be making two or three selections in the first round for three or maybe even four consecutive years.

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  • davidmuscalo

    It gets more discouraging each day. Draft picks, WOW!

    • ende

      Opposite. This is very encouraging. This team is finally putting an end to the pointless nonsense of trying to compete with a team that is not capable of competing in this league, and turning to the built-in mechanism for rebuilding a competitive team: the draft. Right now every short term win is a long term loss, and every loss brings us closer to long term competitiveness.

      • davidmuscalo

        Theoretically true, but in the real world, you end up with the Buffalo Oilers.

        • ende

          Or the Buffalo Penguins, or the Buffalo Blackhawks, or the Buffalo Kings. The Oilers are a strange exception, I think mostly because they haven’t diversified their picks and just kept drafting forwards. We’ve got a pretty good amount of diversity in our prospects. What we’re really missing is elite talent on the wing and that #1 center. My god would McDavid be a great acquisition.

          The organizational changes have been really good, Nolan brings a totally different personality to the team, and even though they keep losing they’re playing well and growing. Sucks for the time being, but in a couple years they should be pretty fun to watch.

          • Jes

            Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Isles deferred there pick to next year and they suck so bad as did we that we ended up with pick 1 and 2? End up with Eichel and McDavid. LOL that would be a dream come true.

            I don’t think Nolan was a good hire as a head coach. He’d be a good assistant. We should’ve jumped on Laviolette. I’m hoping to God that Nolan isn’t retained as coach for much longer. Guarantee he buts heads with McDavid and the other young guys that might be up with the team.

          • ende

            I think Nolan is the right coach for right now, just as Ott is the right captain for right now. Combine work ethic with talent, and you have a contender. Maybe the long term coach is someone else.

          • Rob Dotzler

            With Nolan’s personality, I doubt he’d have taken an assistant position. Because of that, I don’t have a problem with him being labeled an interim HC. I think he has a great connection with young players who have a strong work ethic, but little patience with part time participants. I don’t have an issue with that, that was my management style in retail and it served me well.

            You get your paycheck no matter what, but you can coast? BULLSH*T, because the person next to you is working their behind off and they might be making a bunch less than you. So, suck it up and do your job or you can find employment elsewhere. And you know what? My employees, who were willing to do their job loved me. Those that didn’t want to work hard? They didn’t last long as they quickly become a cancer to the organization.

            Hard work also lead to raises. Who doesn’t like raises? I also never asked anyone to work harder than I was willing to work, I had to fire my own son in law and felt no regrets over it. He didn’t want to lift 40 pound bags of dog food but was perfectly happy watching me do it to make it presentable. Who needs that?

            So, I am firmly behind keeping Nolan as head coach. He knows how to motivate and he works as hard as anyone to get the job done to the best of their ability. Why does that make him a choice for head coach?

          • Jes

            I do not support that hire as you can probably tell. He is ok for this year and maybe next year but after that he should be let go. He’s not a good coach for upcoming big name rookies we may have in the lineup for next year and beyond IMO. Nolan is also from what I can tell anti-rookie. The only one he actually even gave a decent chance to was Girgensons and that was because of the Latvia connection. Honestly if Grigorenko had 0 points in 14-15 games straight on the first line he’d be toast. But Nolan had to keep his good gracious with Latvia.

        • Jes

          Oilers are the only team I can remember that had this many good picks and not to amount to anything in the near future David. Like ende said or the Buffalo Penguins, Buffalo Blackhawks, Buffalo Kings, Buffalo Ducks…

          If you want a cup we build through the draft if you want years of mediocrity like basically our whole tenure in the league then do what you are saying which is basically go after the over priced UFA’s and trade good young assets for something that will not even make much of a difference.

          • kieran66

            The only two teams that have recently had bad rebuilds are the Oilers(as people have pointed out the reasons already I won’t mention them) and the Atlanta Thrashers. THIER Rebuild was a failure because when they finally got a team that looked like they could be playoff contenders the teams income was so low they could justify keeping most of the players and thusly had to trade them off(minus only one player) and finally the team also had to go. Now the likely hood of Edmonton loosing the Oilers is nile but I wouldn’t be surprised if we DO lose alot of these so called “Superstar” players in a while if nothing comes to fruition.

    • Jes

      Really? It’s simple, it comes down to two questions…

      1. Do you want a Maple Leafs or New York Rangers type of rebuild? Where they just buy players and trade away assets like young players and draft picks for older players where there best days are behind them.

      2. Do you want a Blackhawks or Penguins rebuild? Many others are in this pool to like Anaheim and Boston.

      Preferably I’d rather go with the 2nd one. Leafs and Rangers have always been labelled pretender and never contenders. On the opposite side we got the Hawks and Pens who are always Stanley Cup favorites.

      So picks and young prospects is the way to go. We don’t need a “retooling” we need a total rebuild.

      • ende

        I think a lot of fans heard ‘rebuild’ and thought it meant ‘retool’. Many seem shocked that everything wasn’t just magically fixed over the summer, let alone that we need to scrape bottom for a couple consecutive seasons to dredge up some new talent. Even if we don’t win the McDavid sweepstakes, drawing multiple high picks from the 2015 draft will be worth it.

        • Rob Dotzler

          I’m all for doing it this way as well. It would be so fantastic to have a real rebuild done right so it lasts, create a dynasty with lasting Cup potential. It’s my only hope that my health lasts long enough to watch this come to fruition and I can finally see my home town hoist some kind of Championship trophy beyond an AFL (which I don’t really recall well due to my youth at the time) or a Lacrosse or minor league trophy in baseball.

          • Jes

            It will man have faith. Positive thinking…

          • Rob Dotzler

            I will Jes, and every time I see a picture of LaFontaine as part of the equation, I believe a bit more! I’m a PMA kind of guy. I’m just crossing my fingers that when things go bad for me, there’ll be another liver to replace the one that became diseased while I was in the Army (stupid Hep C, very common with Army medics from the 80′s). By God, I won’t leave until they do win it. Then, I’ll have me that last shot and da beer. Heck, I might even have two of each come that day! I wouldn’t need to croak right away, so I’d be good after that and hope for the best onwards. Then again, I might last long enough to watch the Bills get their act together too. See, PMA!