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NHL Olympic roster freeze goes quietly, and with good reason

The NHL’s miniature trade deadline came and went without so much as a peep. As of 3 pm ET on Friday, teams were no longer allowed to make transactions as players gear up to head to Sochi to compete in the Winter Olympics. There was a lot of buzz going on as the 11th hour drew near.

Would the New York Islanders deal Thomas Vanek? Could the Buffalo Sabres find a squad to take Matt Moulson on? What about Ryan Miller? Are Marian Gaborik’s days with the Columbus Blue Jackets numbered.

The answers to all of these questions—at least at this moment—all seem to be no. There’s a very good reason for that too.

With there being no chance of missing out on a player due to the roster freeze, general managers were seemingly reluctant to take on money, knowing that they’d be paying their new players to sit around and do nothing over the next three weeks.

What good would it do a team to acquire Vanek right this moment anyway?

With the NHL season not scheduled to ramp up until the end of February, the only thing that managers would have been trading for is peace of mind in knowing that they “got their guy.” Hockey teams are managed like businesses though, and it’s tough to blame owners for not wanting to sign a pay check while getting nothing in return.

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