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Sochi Winter Olympics: What is Short Track?

Some of the events are pretty similar to each other, as most of the events consist of going down a hill at either a very high rate of speed or in a very complicated manner. You wouldn’t think that playing in snow or running around on skis could be so complicated but the Winter Olympics does its best to make things look harder then they have to be.

One event that is rather simple and hardly complicated is the Short Track, a sister event of the Speed Skating portion of the Olympics.

Don’t get this confused with the Speed Skating though, as this is more like a relay race than a track sprint. There aren’t specific teams, rather 32 skaters race in groups of four with the slowest two skaters of each group being eliminated. They all keep racing until we’re down to the finalists and eventually a winner.

There’s an actual relay race to Short Track as well which features teams taking turns racing certain distances (500m, 1500m, ect) with the final two laps of whatever distance competition needing to be raced by the same skater.

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