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WWE moves Extreme Rules to New Jersey

The WWE made an interesting call when it comes to the host of their pay per view that follows WrestleMania XXX. Extreme Rules an event that took over for Backlash, was moved from Seattle, Washington to New Jersey. They wanted to have an event on the West Coast but decided to move it to the East Coast for an unknown reason.

What I’m thinking is that it has something to do with Daniel Bryan. They already have to worry about what’s going to happen on March 3rd when RAW goes live from Chicago, Illinois, CM Punk’s home town. Maybe the crowd would be taking the attention away from the men who may be participating in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship main event.

Bryan considers Seattle home, but was born an hour and a half outside of the city. I’m sure members of the Seattle Seahawks were going to be in attendance to show some love to their hometown hero of their own, but that’s going to have to wait. They could decided to throw Seattle a pay per view when they have Daniel competing for the titles.

I’m sure if that is the case, they will sell out in a minutes and the buy rates for the event should be decent. Well, those who won’t be subscribing to the WWE Network of course.

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