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Ben McKenzie cast as Commissioner Gordon in Gotham TV series

The Batman television series Gotham is starting to fill out roles, but perhaps the biggest role on the show has been filled this weekend. Aside from Bruce Wayne, the biggest hero character in Batman comics is Jim Gordon who is the police commissioner of Gotham City.

Gotham is set to revolve around Gordon’s rise through the ranks of the Gotham PD and Ben McKenzie has been cast in the role. Variety reports that McKenzie will be stepping into the shoes of Gary Oldman and star as Jim Gordon in Gotham. 

Fox and Warner Bros. TV have tapped Ben McKenzie to star in “Gotham,” casting the “Southland” alum as a young version of DC Comics’ famed Commissioner Gordon.

McKenzie will be playing a much younger version of the character than Oldman did, as Gotham is set to be an origin story for all of the Batman characters. With McKenzie locked in as Jim Gordon, the next major role to be filled is that of Bruce Wayne, who will be just a child at the start of the show and slowly become Batman while Gordon rises i the Gotham PD.

Gotham is set to premiere its pilot episode this fall on FOX.

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