The rescued Sochi Olympic strays and the people saving them

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The Sochi Olympics has seen an unprecedented amount of negative press surrounding its games due to the mass culling of stray dogs in the region before the competitions began. Luckily, animal rights activists and dog lovers from around the globe are working to rescue the animals before they meet a cruel fate at the hands of Russian officials. One of these kind-hearted dog lovers that took it upon himself to save these stray dogs is Jenya Popov, who has built these shelters that you see below.

The 25-year-old Popov lives in a small, aluminum shack with nothing but a cot and a heater to accompany the bags of chow that surround him. His task is simply to care for and feed the one hundred or so dogs that stay on the property.

Of course, this was all made possible by a billionaire. Wait, what?

Billionaire philanthropist Oleg Deripaska is a dog lover that puts his money where his mouth is, and with many hands putting his rubles to good use in saving these dogs, a difference has been made. Even if it’s but a fraction of the dogs wandering Sochi.

 All photos courtesy of Kevin Liles:



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