Dec 29, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor (2) runs with the ball against the Denver Broncos during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Trade Rumors: Raiders may trade Terrelle Pryor to Redskins for Kirk Cousins?

The NFL isn’t known for its trade rumors because the league itself is not known for trades. Very rarely are deals ever made but when they are, they tend to happen in the offseason and near the draft. Big names have shifted teams in the past in trades, with Randy Moss being traded not once but three in his career.

The team that traded Moss the second time likes to keep things interesting with trades, as the Oakland Raiders have made some of the most high profile trades we’ve seen recently, and they may be getting back in that game. According to blogger Paul Gutierrez  notes that the Raiders could send Terrelle Pryor and a draft pick to the Redskins in exchange for Kirk Cousins.

The question, then, is this: Is that it all it would take for Washington, under new coach Jay Gruden, who has said that Robert Griffin III is his starting quarterback? I’d assume Washington would want more than just TP2 from the Raiders to back up RGIII. But it sounds like a good starting point for trade talks.

This isn’t a deal being actively discussed, but it’s something that could be considered. The Redskins want to dump Cousins for draft picks but they’re also not going to sell low or jump at the first deal offered.

Still, as Gutierrez stated, it’s a good place to start.

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  • Alex Mendoza

    While I thought TP would’ve been the savior we’ve been looking for given that you surround him with a great team, at the same time I have to face reality and understand that as long as DA is coach, he’s going to want a pocket passer, the Redskins on the other hand need a mobile backup to understudy RG3, so Terrelle Pryor will fit right in. I don’t want to let go of Pryor, but let’s face it, this will work out for both teams’s schemes of play

    • Steven Dahms

      No to Cousins please rather have Freeman or Campbell than Cousins

      • John Bencomo

        Your just an idiot god im glad your not are g.m we would be 0-16 kirk cousins is a smart move but I think mcgloin is the best bet

        • Steven Dahms

          You’re the idiot around here you rather give up another draft pick for other team’s trash? Remember what happen last year with Matt Flynn?

          • John Bencomo

            Id rather give up are trash and try something that works 0-16 sometimes you have too sacrifice too get ahead

        • Luis

          Campbell took the raiders to 8-8, was doing good the next year until he had that injury.

    • Demarkus Tramail Swan

      No it won’t, the Raiders would still stink , the skins would be much better, Raiders need to FIRE DA!!

      • Steven Dahms

        You can have Cousins and take a hike!

    • Mike Floros

      This has less to do with Oakland wanting a pocket passer than it does Terrelle Pryor not being able to grasp the playbook. Whether you like it or not, he was outplayed by a FA rookie who had less time to work with the 1st team than Pryor and showed more QB skills in his short starting span. If you’re going to surround the QB with talent to make the team better and you DON’T trade for Cousins, the better choice is still McGloin…and I say this as a Pryor FAN.

      • Don

        Finally someone that has sense. I want to believe in TP for Mr. Davis’s last pick but I’m sliding on my belief in TP. Being a mobile Qb is fine but pocket presence is first and formost.

      • friendship220

        Pryor won, McGloin lost.

        • Mike Floros

          The defense went downhill on something that’s widely known as a team sport. This just in-the Raiders jumped up in EVERY statistical category, offensively, with McGloin. Their defense…went down. Amazing how you’ve missed that.

          • friendship220

            I didn’t “miss” something that wasn’t true.

            How about completion percentage? Pryor’s was higher.

            How about Raiders rushing yards per game? More yards rushing with Pryor.

            There are more. The Defenses worst game was vs the Eagles. Pryor was the QB there. It’s the game he hurt his knee. He threw for 288 yards and ran for 94.

          • Mike Floros

            My bad. Here’s some before and after McGloin, then. This does NOT include Pryor’s Denver start.

            Points per game: Before: 29th. After: 14th
            Pass yards per game: Before: 31st After: 14th
            3rd Down Conv. %: Before: 29th After: 13th (tied)
            Pass of 20+ yards: Before: LAST After: FIRST

            You’re arguing for nothing, however. It’s highly likely we’ll have a veteran under center this coming year.

          • friendship220

            Link to those stats? After saying that Pryor was behind in EVERY stat, when a quick look at the most basic stats shows that Pryor exceeded McGloin in a few categories, I’m not going to trust your partial stats.

            Pryor was 3-3 before he hurt his knee against the Eagles.

            3 losses to playoff teams
            1 win over a playoff team
            1 win over a 500 team
            1 win over a losing team.

            If Pryor played the full season, unhurt, beating the teams he beat, losing to teams he lost to, the Raiders would’ve gone to the playoffs.

            If Raiders management and coaching is rational, they’ll build the team around Pryor, and add backups who can play in the system that they design around Pryor.

          • Mike Floros

            When Pryor is worth developing a system around and can do more than flush right from the pocket and read more than his first read, they’ll develop that system. He hasn’t shown he can step up in the pocket and deliver or get past his first read.

            Pic was snapped during a Raider game. Hope those stats are good enough for you.

          • Mike Floros

            You’re also forgetting…I like Pryor. If he develops into our QB, I’ll stand behind the guy. He’s positive and his athletic ability is off the charts. However, while most Raider fans are busy romancing his athletic ability, they forget that guys like Drew Brees had very similar stats to McGloin in his first two full years as a starter. He was going to be supplanted by Rivers until he exploded that year…after Rivers was drafted. He’s passed for 5k 4 times and won a SB. Tom Brady is a statue and has won 3. Athletic ability gets you only so far.

          • Jordan T

            thank you!

          • Jordan T

            and that’s not including # of sacks that went WAYYYY down!

          • Jordan T

            check the defensive stats and get back to me…

            Pryor will never start at QB in the NFL again…. face it, hate it

          • Jordan T

            amen…. people are still lingering on Pryor… I’m just ready for it to be over, I’ve been saying the same thing for 2 years now… we just didn’t have a choice but to play him last year… unfortunately

        • Jordan T

          The defense was lights out at the beg of the year…

          More pts scored against, and more points scored with McGloin playing
          More yards and obv TD’s with McGloin in
          Streater almost broke 1000 with McGloin throwing
          Running game was better with McGloin (other than ONE 90+ yd TD run)
          Less Turnovers by Mcgloin

          Yea you say less wins but the wins Pryor had were vs Jax, SD (defense had 5 takeaways and Pryor got lucky on the first play of the game) and Pitt…. Lost to the Giants…couldnt get a first down against the Eagles… single handedly cost us the first chiefs game with 3 TO’s in 4th and gave the chiefs the ball on our 15 in the 1st…. Threw the game winning pick to Indy…. and couldn’t get a first down or 100 yds passing vs the Broncos 2nd and 3rd team defense…

          I’m not a McGloin lover… but the UDFA ROOKIE came in and scored 28, 19, 24, 27, and 31 in his first 5 games… Pryor was in his 3rd season and scored 17, 19, 21, 27 (2 defensive td’s), and 7…..

          Get over it

          • Steve

            Your little man will not lead the Raiders to the play offs, or to a decent season above 500. At best, the Raiders with McGloin may win 6 games for the 2014 season. QB’s like TP or the future of the NFL. I know you old school guys find it hard to believe but it’s true. The smart owners and coaches know this and have adjusted to this reality. Like everything else, creative trends, as well as coaches, come out of college football, the incubator for new ideas and the laboratory for new talent. Guys like you throw around a lot of stats, citing this as unequivocal proof that McGloin is a better OB than TP. But you always leave out one important stat. TP’s 576 rushing yardage. A qb that puts up this kind of rushing stats will continually keep defenses off balance, which explains why TP was able to break away for a 93 yard TD against the Steelers. And this is also the reason why the Sea Hawks are Super Bowl champs. A good running game will always open up the passing game and not the other way around. Having a young qb with TP’s strength, agility, athleticism and speed is invaluable in today’s NFL. Al Davis so the trend four years ago, which is why he was so elated to draft TP at such a low price. Over the past two years, TP has made significant improvement in his passing ability
            . If given the chance, he will continue to make progress as a passer and will become one the NFL’s best.

            I’m hoping that the Raiders trade TP to a team that will allow
            him to play so he can win games and dazzle and entertain the fans like he did
            for a short time here in Oakland.

          • Jordan T

            Explain to me what “guys like TP” have done lately…
            Because you can’t place guys like Luck, Wilson, and Rogers in that category… They can also throw! They also read defenses well and go through their progressions.. They can accurately place the football.. Pryor can’t..simple… #2, I never said anything about McGloin being the truth.. I knew when I posted this that he would move down the depth chart… more than likely practice squad even… The POINT is the fact that he’s better than Pryor as a QB! You can compare Pryor to guys like Vince Young, Jake Locker, Michael Vick (stretch), Dennis Dixon, Troy Smith, Denard Robinson…etc.. They aren’t the “future of the NFL..” That’s insane… I don’t even think Pryor will make the Seahawk’s final roster…. And they actually run a system that he would best fit in… He can’t throw on the run, or to his left, he gets happy feet and doesn’t stay in the pocket… It’s not a “hating session” as all you Pryor lovers think… It’s simply the fact that Pryor isn’t a good QB… “Little man” McGloin don’t need to be bashed because you’re mad about people not loving Pryor like you do… He came in, was the least sacked QB in the NFL, after we heard week after week that Pryor struggles because of the O Line… He almost gets streater to 1,000 yds receiving and moved the football!!! Yea, he played like a bonehead at times but he was an UDFA ROOKIE BRO!! LOL!!! He had a better year than Geno Smith and EJ Manuel!! Pryor was in his 3rd year, knew the WR’s in the building and had a chance to blow us out of the water with his preparation and athletic ability…

            He didn’t….. He won’t… as I always predicted because you can’t translate what he did in college to the NFL… and no one will be able to because these athletes won’t let you…. Let it go…

          • Jordan T

            my point…

    • friendship220

      Just keep TP. And when Dennis Allen is fired, the new coach should be chosen based on his ability to design an offense around TP. Or, DA is a defensive coach. Was a Defensive Coordinator and before that, Secondary coach. Maybe Sparano either is or can be in charge of the offense. He’s currently the Assistant Head Coach. Sparano is in charge of the offense, builds the offense around Pryor, adds running QBs – Vick, Tebow, who only cost money – and could go for someone like Taylor Martinez, Jordan Lynch, Kain Colter as UDFAs.

      • Mark Shafer

        I am real sorry, but I have to respond. TEBOW really? TEBOW?

        • friendship220

          I listed 5, five, different QBs who we wouldn’t have to give up anything to get. If you don’t like one of them, that’s fine. Here are 2 others. Vince Young, Pat White. Point is, it doesn’t matter who that QB is, there are a lot of running QBs available, and they don’t require giving away a player or a pick to get. That means more picks, more players for the Raiders.

      • Pridenpoise

        Tebow You’re a moron, turn in your Raiders membership.

    • Jordan T

      I hate how people keep saying that. If he was released he wouldn’t be picked up as a QB…

      And people got SOOOOO hostile with me on this site when I spelled that out for you in week 3

  • Steven Dahms

    I say no I rather bring in Jason Campbell and let Pryor stay for one more year bring in some offensive Line Cousin’s good but like Campbell better remember what happen last year with Matt Flynn? Think about guys!

  • Silvia Arredondo

    A draft pick for cousins? Stupid

  • Scoobz


  • Hayekian

    The Raiders and TP need to face the facts!!!! TP has the potential to be an excellent tight end or a mediocre QB. The Raiders need to pull the trigger.switch NOW!!!!!

    • Steven Dahms

      Well here’s a fact, last year the Raiders acquired QB Matt Flynn for this years 5th Rd pick & 2015′s 7th Rd pick and thought he would be the answer, we were wrong after what happen Vs Washington, we benched him and let him go having no 5th Rd pick this year and would you if you ran the team give up another draft pick for other team’s trash? Heck no we need those draft pick for our future and if you don’t like it tuff!

  • Marty DaWorm

    Won’t happen If a pick is involved Unless It THE LAST Pick Oakland has

  • SactoSteve

    Asinine! With all the positions we need help with, why would you trade Cousins for another quarterback, unless you get another good player or decent draft pick along with TP? And even the Raiders aren’t dumb enough to do that. I happen to like Cousins, but if you do trade him, for God sakes get something that will help the team NOW!

  • TribalX

    Ridiculous…people calling each other idiots based on some bloggers rumor.

    • Insanity

      It’s may have started with the rumors, but really, Teblow?!

  • Raider Erik

    yeah but if the raiders fire Allen then they will be in dept again so Mark Davis smart choice is to save money get better players and let Allen ride out his contract and look for someone better to coach..Tom Cable

  • Raider Erik

    This draft class has tones of kick a$$ QBs so The Raiders will pick one up for sure and I hope it is Tajh Boyd.and forget clowney he seams like dramma reminds me of Rolando Mcclain I’d rather see the nation pick up Marcus Smith DE

  • Raider Erik

    But over all I think the raiders should keep the buckeye.

  • bigninaross

    I believe this about as much as I believe DA was about to be canned. And about as much as all the assistants were leaving because Davis Jr is running the team like his old man and is insisting all the assistants only get one year deals. Well… DA and all the assistants are still here. This is simply a headline to grab people’s attention and kick a team while they’re down…

  • Raider Erik

    As a raiders fan watch as they say they are rebuilding the team and never happens but this time you can actually see that they are really rebuilding the team.

  • TribalX

    Anyone ever notice how these “rumor” articles never have any actual facts?