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Washington Nationals a 'prime candidate' to host All-Star Game

Since their return to the Major Leagues, the Washington Nationals have become a more relevant franchise. An important early step for them was the opening of Nationals Park in 2008 after two dire years in which they were temporarily housed at RFK Stadium, a venue decidedly not suited for baseball.

Of late the Nationals organization has been pushing to host an All-Star game at their park. About that issue, commissioner Bud Selig said the following (quotes from the Washington Post):

They’re making a very determined pitch…We never announce these things until it’s appropriate.”

After saying that he will not announce anything about such an issue, Selig went on to talk more about whether or not the Nationals will host an All-Star Game in the near future.

”I don’t want to comment on that. But they’re a prime candidate. Let me say that, as much as I can.”

I think you just did, Bud. He also went on to praise the organization.

I’m proud of them…I’m proud of the Lerners. I’m proud of what they’ve done here. They’ve built a marvelous franchise. In fact, I don’t want to put a jinx on them because a lot of people are picking them to win this year. I am. I picked them and like my decision better today than I did six years ago.”

Even with 2013 being a disappointment, the Nationals stand to be at the top of the National League once again in 2014.

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