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Mark Crozer and The Rels will perform at WWE WrestleMania

The WWE failed to do something huge with the group ‘Nexus’, a stable that included The Wyatt Family’s leader Bray. Bray was wrestling under the name Huskie Harris but was later sent back down to the WWE’s farm league to work on his gimmick.

He completely changed it, grew out his facial hair and now delivers some of the best promo’s in recent years. Sure we’ve seen some pipe bombs from CM Punk, but these promo’s are on a different and twisted level. While Punk was speaking the truth and getting to the point, Bray uses riddles, codes, stories in almost every promo he cuts.

My favorite promo was the ‘Where’s Kane?’ segment they filmed after his Inferno Match with the Big Red Machine at SummerSlam.

Anyways, this year will be The Wyatt Family’s WrestleMania debut. And according to, their debut will feature a live performance of their theme song, ‘Live In Fear’ which was written and performed by Mark Crozer and The Rels.

This song is absolutely beautiful and fits The Wyatt Family gimmick. Mark actually follows me on Twitter, great guy. They really do have the best theme song in the WWE right now.

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