WWE Superstar Mark Henry

Mark Henry does the splits during live WWE event

Mark Henry is no doubt one of the most athletic big man this company has ever seen. Sure we’ve seen guys like Yokozuna, The Big Show, Andre The Giant, Viscera, Vader just to name a few.

Henry has been with the company for a very long time. I believe over 20 years and he’s still going strong. He’s run into a lot of injuries but continues to step back into the squared circle. I thought for sure that he was retiring one night on RAW, but he fooled everybody and delivered a World’s Strongest Slam to John Cena.

Mark was once labeled as the World’s Strongest Man and has carried the label with him ever since. Now during a recent house show, Henry teamed up with rookie Xavier Woods and long-time friend Rey Mysterio in a six man tag match.

Xavier Woods, if you didn’t know, dances around the ring like R-Truth. After the match ended, there was a little bit of a dance off. Henry chose to do the splits.

Mysterio gave his thighs a quick massage, I know it’s weird but the guy was helping a buddy out. Can’t pull a muscle when a big man like that’s attempting something dangerous like this. Anyways, Henry hits it with ease, pops back up and Mysterio loses his mind in the corner.

Here’s the video via theycallmemanbat’s Instgram on NoDQ.com, click here.

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