Jan 11, 2014; Philadelphia, PA, USA; New York Knicks power forward Amare Stoudemire

NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks trying to trade Amare Soutdemire to Boston Celtics for Rajon Rondo

The New York Knicks aren’t doing what most teams do at the trade deadline. While they’re making calls in order to secure a trade, they’re doing so not to just be competitive in the second half of this season but they’re trying to convince Carmelo Anthony to stay in New York beyond this season.

It appears that Melo may want to stay in New York and that has the Knicks trying to make a splashy trade to show Melo they are committed to winning a championship in the very near future. One way to do that is to trade for Rajon Rondo, something the Knicks have apparently been on the phone with the Boston Celtics about.

According to Bill Imgram from Basketball Insiders, the Knicks are trying to convince the Celtics that taking Amare Stoudemire in a trade for Rondo is a good thing for Boston.

Where the Knicks would really like to make a radical upgrade is at point guard, which is why they have been connected to talks about Kyle Lowry and now Rajon Rodo. Toronto’s asking price was too high, as they hope to convince Lowry to be their long-term floor general, so the Knicks are hoping to convince Celtics GM Danny Ainge that Amar’e Stoudemire’s expiring contract will help them make a huge splash in the next big free agent class: 2015.

Boston has been trying to work out a long-term deal with Rondo but those talks haven’t progressed very fast. While a trade to New York for Rondo seems like a ridiculous idea, we may end up seeing it discussed more and more as the deadline quickly approaches.

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  • steve

    Amare has become a great bench player, why would they want to get rid of him? get rid of smith.

    • rockets love

      The knicks will Suck with and without amare and Melo . Ever if Boston is dum enough to make a trade with those over paid players.

  • Guest

    hmmm….maybe the Celtics will include 5 first round dfart choices too, just to even teh trade out —NOT!

  • DaveACIM

    no way the Cets do this, unless NY throws in 3 first round picks or so–Rondo is a top twenty player, an All Star with Finals victory pedigree–the last deal Ainge was willing to go for was for Chris Paul–NO WAY

  • Nick

    How stupid can they seriously be. Ya lets trade Rondo for a guy who’s making 20 million a year, has bad knees, and isn’t playing very good. They also have nothing else to give us except Tim Hardaway or Shumpert which isn’t nearly enough. Their next pick they can trade isn’t until like 2019 so sorry to the New York Knicks because you’re going to suck for the next 5 years especially if Melo leaves.

  • Matt Rappaport

    Its all about the Knicks intriguing the celtics that, if they accept an offer that includes Amare, Chandler, and Shumpert, they will not only be able to possibly cut the garbage salaries of Humphries, Bass and/or Wallace, but they will be ready to spend and contend in 2015 once Amare and Chandler’s bloated contracts come off the books and the best free agents go on the market. If anything, its a win-win. Knicks get a great PG, who Carmelo will succeed with and the Celtics will have an extremely bright future in 2015 and a not so bad roster for 2014.

  • Chris

    WOW…. recently i have read some Knick/Celtics trade rumors that were conceived from fanatical delusions but this one seriously takes the cake. Lets just face it the Celtics don’t want shumpert ……. they arent intersted in taking on atrocious contracts…. and the Knicks dont have any draft picks to offer…. The Celtics arent going to give up one of the top point guards in the league out of the kindness of their hearts

  • J Taylor

    Knicks are desperate to keep Melo. All of the money, and the brightlights of Broadway fade when superstars realize that they can win titles. And clearly the Knicks are the NBA version of the Dallas Cowboys.

    I’m not sure Ainge is foolish enough to send Rondo to a conference rival.