The Walking Dead: Chris Hardwick feeds dead Hershel head pudding (GIF)

The Walking Dead this week returned to AMC and brought with it the dead head of Hershel as well as a tin of pudding. Coincidentally, both items were brought to the after show Talking Dead with host Chris Hardwick. This of course led to the only thing a comedian with a fake dead head and a tin of pudding can do — feed the pushing to the dead head.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

The moment was hilarious and reminded us that Hardwick hosting Talking Dead is almost as good as the show itself — within reason.

Hardwick has helped make tAMC shows even more fun than they already are as Talking Bad followed Breaking Bad and helped make the show even better to watch as you had someone to talk to afterwards about what you just saw. 

No fake dead Heisenberg heads were fed pudding on Talking Bad, but we saw that on Sunday and it helped wrap things up with Hershel in a hilarious way we weren’t expecting.

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