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The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere: Michonne Rampages on a Large Group of Walkers (GIF)

Tonight, the long awaited return of The Walking Dead is finally upon us. Just a fair warning, there are very important spoilers from the episode contained within. If you have not watched the episode, and do not want any part of the festivities ruined for you, I sincerely suggest you click back until you have watched the episode. If you are all caught up, and ready to see everything once again, please enjoy.

Seriously…this is your last chance.

Michonne is being put through the ringer in tonight’s episode. Not only was she the one who was right next to Hershel when he was brutally beheaded by The Governor, she has had to relive that moment once again. As we showed you earlier, she was the one who came upon Hershel’s disembodied head, and ultimately, had to put an end to him for the second time.

On top of all that, when she stopped for a moment to try to rest, even if for a brief moment, she was taken back to a happier time that ended in the most unpleasant of ways.

Now, she find herself trapped in the woods surround by a flurry of walkers. This is one of those moments when you either fight or die. Fortunately, we all know that Michonne is a fighter. One by one, she swings her mighty kitana and takes the walkers down.

Unfortunately, even the strong have a limit. Once the walkers are dispatched, she has a bit of a mental break. This is something that has probably been a long time coming.

Here is how that brutal scene played out.

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Credit: Zombie Prophet

Make sure to check back with FanSided all night long as we bring you all the latest from tonight’s all-new episode of The Walking Dead entitled “After.”

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