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Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes in Season 4 of "The Walking Dead." Photo Credit: AMC

The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere ‘After’ Preview (Video)

The time is finally upon us! Tonight, after what seemed like a never ending wait, the hit AMC Original Series The Walking Dead returns! Let’s take a look at what we can expect from tonight’s all-new episode of The Walking Dead entitled “After.”

When we last saw the former inhabitants of the prison, chaos was the only certain. One by one, the group scattered in their own separate directions in an effort to escape the destruction brought on by The Governor and his newfound group of minions.

There were many casualties on both sides of this fight. One of the most prevalent for the “good guys” was the loss of Hershel, who was so brutally beheaded by The Governor right in front of everyone, including his two daughters, Maggie and Beth.

Michonne, who was right next to Hershel when he was beheaded, is off on her own once again. As she was when we first saw her, she has found herself some new walker pets; however, they are definitely not the same as having a friend to help watch your back.

She will have to process her grief from losing a dear friend and handle the perils of being on your own in the zombie apocalypse all at the same time.

Daryl, who is obviously the most likely to survive this entire ordeal, was last seen leaving the prison with Beth. This is good news for Beth, as she is one of those who will probably need someone to help watch her back.

This brings us to Rick and Carl. I think it is safe to say that Rick has taken a giant step backwards. Prior to the assault on the prison, Rick was just starting to come back into his own after the death of his wife Lori, and the stresses of trying to lead an entire group of living breathing people through a post-apocalyptic world.

Unfortunately, after the beating that was handed to him at the hands of The Governor, and having to be rescued by Michonne before it was too late, Rick seems as if he has fallen face first off his rocker once again. With the fate of his daughter Judith up in the air, the responsibility of being the “man in the family” has once again fallen on Carl.

As much as I have hated on Carl throughout the series, I have to admit that as of late Carl has done a good job of stepping up and doing what has needed to be done in order to protect the group, whether it be from the undead or the living.

Like I said, with Rick off in la-la land once again, it will be up to Carl to ensure that he and his father find shelter and get back on their feet before they venture out and try to reunite the group once again.

Speaking of reuniting the group, with everyone so spread out in this every growing zombie apocalypse, does the group ever have a chance of getting back some semblance of what they had before? Furthermore, will they ever find each other once again? Have we seen the last of Carol after her departure last season? Who amongst the survivors will make it on their own, and which of them will end up as food for the walking dead?

There are so many questions that are indeed of answers. Fortunately, we shall start to get some of those answers tonight.

While we wait for tonight’s episode to get going, let’s take a look at the preview for tonight’s episode entitled “After.”

Don’t forget to tune in after The Walking Dead tonight as Chris Hardwick takes fans through tonight’s episode with the help of his special guests on The Talking Dead.

Also, make sure to check back in with us here at FanSided as we take a look at tonight’s episode and give you all the latest Walking Dead news, rumors, and updates.

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