Infamous: Second Son pre-order bonus contains fluorescent condoms from GameStop Italy


It seems that game companies and retailers keep on coming up with new ideas to get people excited about pre-ordering games. Some of the things they include with games are interesting for people that like to collect them and then you have items that are just plain bizarre.

If you own a PS4, then you might know that developer Sucker Punch is set to release Infamous: Second Son in March. If you pre-order the game, especially the Collector’s Edition it comes with some very cool stuff.

It has a premium replica of Delsin’s beanie, a set of eight pins from Delsin’s in-game vest, Official Department of Unified Protection patch and some DLC.

However, if you live in Italy there’s a very unique pre-order bonus from It comes with two cans of Red Bull “una scatola di profilattici fluorescenti,” and in case your Italian is a little rusty that’s a box of glow in the dark condoms.

So let’s recap you get a game, with some energy drinks and condoms that glow in the dark. This has to be one of the more weird pre-order bonuses I’ve seen for a game. I guess those Italians get to have all the fun.

You can sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts on this or any interesting pre-order items you have seen for a game.

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