NFL logos redesigned as popular brands

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Redesigning team logos has become quite popular amongst internet users. We’ve seen the first three phases of a series that redesigns NFL logos like European soccer crests. We’ve seen Star Wars designed NFL helmets. Now, New York City artist Ryan K Fishman has found a new way to redesign NFL logos, by mixing them with popular brands.

Some of them are great and easy transitions. Obviously the Jacksonville Jaguars got paired with Jaguar, and the Carolina Panthers with Puma. The Buffalo Bills got the Buffalo Wild Wings pairing.

I really like the Indianapolis Colts / Dickies logo. The Houston Texans and Texaco blend is great and simple, didn’t even have to do anything really. The Philadelphia Eagles’ American Outfitters logo is one of the best as well. I even think the Minnesota Vikings’ Visa inspired logo could work.

Some don’t make sense, New Orleans Saints and Skype? Though I tried to think of a better pairing and couldn’t come up with anything.

See them all below (if you don’t know what brand it is, move your mouse over the photo to reveal the answer):

Minnesota Vikings x Visa

Minnesota Vikings x Visa

[h/t] BuzzFeed

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  • Ed

    Funny, but the “Star Wars” one was better.

    • Cam.45 (Smith&Olsen)

      The “Heavy Metal” ones were even better than the star wars ones

  • Gary

    It’s time the Browns got a logo.

  • Crusader10

    Someone has too much time and not enough to do, it appears.

  • Demarkus Tramail Swan

    Raiders should redesign their TIRED logo as well.