Jan 30, 2014; Dallas, TX, USA; New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur (30) skates on the ice prior to the game against the Dallas Stars at the American Airlines Center. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Report: Martin Brodeur considering requesting trade from New Jersey Devils

Martin Brodeur has cemented his legacy as one of the best goaltenders of his or any other generation after a Hall of Fame career with the New Jersey Devils that has seen him hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup over his head three times, but his time in the Garden State could be coming to an end when the NHL resumes after the Olympic break.

Cory Schneider is firmly entrenched in net for the Devils leaving Brodeur to play sparingly for the team who is hoping to avoid missing the playoffs for the third time in the last four seasons and Larry Brooks of the New York Post looks at the issue in play for the future Hall of Famer.

“The issue is for Brodeur is two-fold: whether, a) he would feel comfortable leaving the Devils and joining a new team three-quarters of the way through the season; and, b) whether there is a playoff contender with the need for a goaltender of his pedigree to start at least half of its games.”

The 41-year-old netminder hasn’t been bad this season, but he hasn’t been playing to the elite level which has been the standard for Brodeur, but could his postseason experience be better served on a team better equipped to see the second season?

Brooks mentions the Minnesota Wild who have relied on rookie Darcy Kuemper or the Nashville Predators where the health of Pekka Rinne is in question as two possible destinations if Brodeur requests a trade.

Most of the teams contending for the playoffs and the legit Stanley Cup contenders are solid in net, so perhaps Brodeur finds there is no place like home.

One this for certain is if Brodeur done another team’s uniform it’s going to look awfully odd.

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  • johnhay

    Patrick, “considering” is a pretty lame verb for a story. You’re speculating, and you have nothing to base it on. The Brooks column you link to says, “Maybe Brodeur will ask general manager Lou Lamoriello, his partner in hockey life, to investigate the market.” Maybe. That’s another weak word. Seriously, as a journalist, I challenge you to do better and write piece wit your opinion. It’s not much to say likely or what you would do in Brodeur’s skates, but to act like you’re breaking some kind of news and citing speculation as if it’s fact, is lazy and wrong.

    You also need to slow down and proofread. “One this for certain is if Brodeur done another team’s uniform…” Two mistakes within half a sentence. I belive you’re trying to type, “One THING for certain is if Brodeur DONS another teams uniform…”

  • Adam

    So let’s see if I understand you correctly…
    + Brodeur has played 4 games less than Schneider this season (about 12.5%) yet still has 2 more wins (and 5 less losses) than Schneider.
    + Even though the difference in games played, both goalies have 3 shutouts to their names this season.
    + On the flip side, the Devils have been shutout 7 times this season, Schneider was in goal for 6 of them.
    + The game Brodeur was shutout, the Devils lost to the Flyers 1-0
    + The 6 games Schneider was shutout, the Devils lost one at 2-0 to the Kings and the rest were 3-0 losses or worse.
    * Of Schneider’s 3 shutouts was a regulation 0-0 against the Sabers, which the Devils eventually won in OT.
    + Look at the numerous games (I’ve lost count) where the Devils – with Schneider in goal – have taken a lead and then been scored against within 2 minutes to take away the lead.
    + Add to that the numerous one goal games – with Schneider in goal – where the Devils have lost the lead in the last 2 minutes of play, forcing an OT.
    + For the record: 4 OT losses Brodeur & 9 OT losses Schneider, 3 SO losses Brodeur & 5 SO losses Schneider.
    + Aside from that, Brodeur has 2 assists compared to 0 by Schneider and Schneider has 4 penalty minutes compared to 0 against Brodeur.

    From these stats, while Schneider is playing excellently and has an admirably low Goals Against average it is only too clear that the team plays better and functions better with Brodeur in goal! Whatever he says and does on the ice that we don’t know about, plus Brodeur’s uncanny puck handling, give the team a tremendous advantage! Too old? You mean like Jagr, Selanne and a few others? Keep him off the ice much longer and the Devils will lose the enthusiasm of the greatest goalie this sport has ever seen. Trade him to another team and lose a big part of the glue that holds the Devils together…

    With all due respect to Schneider, and I think the Devils did very well to sign him, he is not yet Brodeur and Brodeur is not yet done! Not by a long shot! Put him back between the pipes, where he belongs!

    • Gerry Keefe

      Its not about his stats. We gave up a (another) first round pick for him and he can walk in free agency very soon. So, he plays, so we can keep him longterm. Broduer WAS great, and overstayed his welcome. Sorry Marty, but we learned from Zach and Kovy that we need not show any player loyalty. So, he could be the best goalie in the league right now, and Cort still gets the nod. If he walks, we have no one for the future – and with a bunch of spare parts, which is what this team is this year, he is the only legit future star. Marty should have retired after our Cup run in 2012.

  • http://people.ign.com/devilzzz2014 DeViLzzz2014

    Marty please let us trade you at the deadline for a pick or player. Wonderful news. Still this should have happened last year at the trade deadline when it was clear the Devils were not going to make the playoffs. Elias, Marty and others should have been moved and also like I have said before many vets should have been gone long ago and a younger stable core of players should have already been in place and one Stanley Cup appearance doesn’t change my mind on that cuz there were many lean years before and after that where we missed the playoffs and got ousted way too soon.

  • DTVTechGuy

    Proof Read.

    That last sentence is beyond atrocious. Good god.