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Ryan Miller Set To Move On From Buffalo Sabres

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

If John Vogl of The Buffalo News is to be believed, Ryan Miller‘s time as a member of the Buffalo Sabres will soon come to an end.

While Miller has performed well this year, even well enough to possibly hold off Jonathan Quick as the starter for Team USA at the Olympics, it has not helped the Sabres in the standings. They have been the worst in the NHL since the start of the season and it doesn’t appear that anyone will catch them this season.

It appears as though Buffalo is entering a definite rebuilding phase and Miller clearly doesn’t fit into that situation. Vogl points out that goalies Miller’s age usually start to falter around this point in their careers. Now, there are goalies that don’t fit in that category obviously, but they’re are great goaltenders who’s play takes a huge dip after the age of 35. He also points out that most goaltenders around 35 are retired and if not that, they’re back-ups most of the time.

If Miller falls into that category, then Buffalo should be trying to get as much as they can for him while they still can. His play might not continue where it is right now and even if it doesn’t, Miller doesn’t fit into the Sabres’ rebuilding plans.

The Sabres have Jhonas Enroth as Miller’s back-up. He could easily take Miller’s spot for the rest of the season. Matt Hackett looks to be the heir apparent  for the starter’s role after that.

If Miller is not traded before the March 5 NHL Trade Deadline, the Buffalo Sabres will be making a huge mistake.

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  • davidmuscalo

    You could not be more wrong! If Miller leaves, say goodbye to the rebuild.

    Enroth, “The Sieve”, is not even an NHL-quality goalie, let alone capable of rebuilding at team around, except, perhaps, an AHL team. As for Hackett, look at where Rochester is in the standings. He isn’t exactly making a lasting impression on the AHL teams. Is he the type of goalie you want backing up the inadequate Enroth?

    • Brian

      If they decide to trade they will be getting draft picks as well, and if they trade with a team like St. Louis they will most likely be shipping Halak in with the deal

      • davidmuscalo

        In my view, trading a talent like Miller for draft picks is highly speculative and the payoff, if there is one, is too far in the future to make up for the loss in the present.

        If they got a proven goaltender, such as Halak, and a proven experienced forward, it would help to relieve the emotional trauma of losing the cornerstone of the team.

        • Brian

          It is going to sting seeing such a good goalie leave, but its for the best, the more picks they get the more they can become a younger, more cost effective talented team. Look at teams in transition at this moment. The Islanders, Phoenix, Edmonton, Winnipeg etc. They all have tremendous young talent through their draft picks. And even distinguished teams like Chicago, Pens, Bruins and Ducks have flourished and shown results. With a little patience they will be a dominant team. Plus Miller is a free agent after this year, I would think he will sign with a contender so they might as well get something now. Just my two cents

  • Dano

    Matt Hackett? ROFLMAO! I saw him this past saturday at FnC against Grand Rapids. They guy is NOT AHL ready, let alone NHL Calibre yet.