Sochi Olympics: American luger Kate Hansen dances in warm up routine (Video)

One of the best Winter Olympics moment for American luge fans might be this video of Kate Hansen dancing around warming up for her run. It reminds me of surfer Anastasia Ashley’s warm-up routine, which went viral because it was her dancing and twerking on a beach in a bikini.

Of course it is a lot colder so no bikini, and I’m not an expert but it looks like no twerking either.

NBC luge commentator Duncan Kennedy wasn’t thrilled with the routine though.

“I would like to see something a little more sports specific from her,” Duncan said. “What you see out of the top runners, the really heavy-hitters, is they’re working those start muscles. They’re working the low back, the arms and the shoulders and getting the power out of them because the start has to be a powerful movement.”

“It doesn’t get the job done for medal contention.”

Give her a break, she is having fun and it has gotten her this far.


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