Tech N9ne says Dr. Dre met Kendrick Lamar on his tour


Kendrick Lamar has burst on the scene since releasing his debut album. Midwest rapper Tech N9ne shared a story on the Juan Epstein show on Hot 97 about how Dr. Dre and Lamar met.

“We signed Jay Rock some years ago. That’s how I met Kendrick because I took them both on tour with me,” said Tech N9ne. “Like a year or two ago. Something like that…Kendrick came as his hype man…When we got him, he [Jay Rock] was on Warner Brothers and they had him sitting for years. So, we got him up out of that deal. So, I met Kendrick on that first tour I put him on. And he gave me the Section.80 CD. And I listened to it, I said ‘We gotta get you on something.’ So, my All 6’s And 7’s album, which was probably another year and something ago, he was on there and nobody knew who he was. We did a song called ‘I Love Music.’ And then after that he blew up. He met Dre on my tour. When we did the House of Blues.”

Watch the whole interview below:

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