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Adam Silver says Mark Cuban been 'hugely beneficial' to the NBA

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and former NBA Commissioner David Stern were known to butt heads at times. In 14 years, Cuban has been fined millions of dollars for various things, primarily criticizing officials. The NBA has a new sheriff in town, and less than two weeks old NBA Commissioner Adam Silver shared his opinion of at times overly enthusiastic Cuban.

From ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

“There has been some public stuff around the edges between Mark and the league, but Mark’s input has been hugely beneficial to the league in so many areas the public will never hear about.”


“Mark epitomizes the new generation of owner who is all-in to his franchise and is involved in every aspect of the team,” Silver said. “It’s not necessary that that be the model for others, but we welcome it. While you won’t hear this from many owners directly, Mark has attracted many of the new generation owners to the league.”

That is some high praise from the new NBA Commissioner. He could be buttering up to try and avoid complaints from Cuban in the first place, though it is doubtful Mark would ever remain quiet if he felt the Mavericks were wronged.

It is also a big part of why Dallas loves Cuban so much.

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