April 26, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons center Ben Wallace (6) after the game against the Philadelphia 76ers at The Palace.

Ben Wallace’s SUV involved in hit-and-run incident in Virginia

Former NBA player Ben Wallace has found himself in a bit of hot water. His car was involved in a hit and run incident with a Henrico County resident’s fence.

From the CBS affiliate WTVR in Detroit:

Police sources said an SUV belonging to former Detroit Piston and Virginia Union basketball star Ben Wallace crashed into a fence outside a home in Henrico County early Saturday morning.

Silverio Acosta said he dialed 911 after he heard a loud boom around 2 a.m. at his home off Gaskins Rd. near Peppertree Dr. When Acosta went outside to see what happened, he found pieces of his fence, which butts up to Gaskins Rd., scattered throughout his yard.

“It was dark, but it’s clear from here I saw one person trying to fight to get out of the car,” Acosta said. That’s when Acosta said he saw a man pick up and smash pieces of wood against the fence “because he was angry.”

There isn’t any evidence at the moment that it was in fact Wallace behind the wheel, the car could’ve been lent out. Wallace was arrested on a DWI charge in 2011, and him fleeing the scene to possibly avoid another would make sense. Had he gotten out of the car though, you’d think the resident would have identified how tall he was since Wallace stands six-foot nine-inches.

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